About elmo

Your journey.

Build a subscription tailored to your needs. No huge deposit to pay – it’s your car on your terms

One monthly payment.

Get to know your car costs with one transaction on your bank statement.

All online.

Manage your electric car experience online. No paper, no printing and no time wasted!

At elmo, it’s our mission to get everyone driving an electric car. We believe that new technology should benefit everyone and work for a brighter, cleaner future for us and our planet.

Transport makes up a whopping 26% of all UK carbon emissions – the largest of any sector; and the ‘electrification’ of transport will be vital in meeting our climate targets. Our platform is designed to remove the cost and complexity from switching to an electric vehicle.

It couldn’t be simpler – you ‘subscribe’ to an electric car on a flexible, monthly basis (like Netflix and Spotify) and then add a ‘bundle’ of services to your subscription to fit your lifestyle and preferences. These include: insurance, maintenance, home charge point, public charging and home energy. Yes, that’s right: car charging included!

This makes us the world’s first platform to offer ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ (TCO) car subscriptions. You don’t have any cost for your car outside the single payment you make to elmo each month!

We make going electric quick, easy and affordable. By switching, you can join us in taking a big step to becoming part of that solution and to leaving the planet in a better state than when you arrived.