5 reasons to get an electric car subscription

If you’re looking for an electric car in 2023 but don’t want to pay a huge deposit or be tied into long contracts, we have the solution.

The last few months have been tricky to navigate financially, with prices rising and lots of uncertainty around utility bills and the cost of living. A car subscription can help here, as it would give you certainty over a large portion of your outgoings.

What is an electric car subscription?

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An electric car subscription is a more flexible, more affordable and hassle free alternative to leasing. We’ll go into detail in a moment but, at elmo, that means our subscriptions (which are exclusively for electric cars):

  • Don’t require a deposit – your initial payment is your first month’s subscription
  • Have shorter minimum terms – with elmoFlex or elmoSave, you can choose between a 60 day or 12-month minimum contract
  • And are all-inclusive – everything you need to drive the car, including insurance, is included in the monthly payment.

It’s the smarter way to lease a car and great for those that like being able to swap cars more frequently than traditional methods or want a hassle-free option.

Let us break it down for you: our EV subscriptions are…

1. Affordable

The all-inclusive nature of our subscriptions means they’re affordable when compared to a more traditional leasing agreement.

You can also add a home charge point or public charging to your elmo subscription, if you wanted – it truly is, all-inclusive. 

The monthly payment for most leases usually only covers the cost of the car; you’d normally need to pay for insurance and servicing (and all the other car expenses!) on top of this leasing cost. With elmo, as it’s all included, you don’t need to worry about forking out extra, your one monthly payment has you covered.  

Isn’t your subscription much more expensive, then, if you’re covering all the extras? Actually, no. See for yourself (you may have spotted these on our website before):

A table showing a breakdown of costs for a Renault ZOE, leasing vs subscription

This is our how subscription stacks up against a traditional lease we found for the same car. It’s food for thought, right? Plus, in the case of leasing, you’d need to arrange all the extras yourself.

That’s only for small cars though, what if I want a premium EV? We’ve got you covered there too as our subscriptions are price competitive and affordable across the board:

A table showing a breakdown of costs for a Tesla Model Y, leasing vs subscription

What’s the catch then? A huge deposit? Nope…

2. There’s no deposit

Our subscriptions are accessible too. When you make a booking with elmo, we do ask for an initial payment – but it’s not a deposit.

Your initial payment is your first month on subscription, plus a delivery fee. That’s it. Your next payment is then at the start of month two. No hidden extra costs, no trying to catch you out, and we’ll be upfront with you before you pay what both your initial and monthly payments will be. This figure will stay the same throughout your subscription, too, unless you decide to try another EV.

We’re on a mission to make switching to an electric car smart, seamless and sustainable, for everybody; we can’t do that if we’re asking for thousands of pounds upfront.

It’s also why our subscriptions are…

3. Flexible

An MG5 charging on a residential street

Most traditional ways into new car ownership not only require a large deposit upfront, but also for you to tie yourself into a long contract. That’s why our subscriptions are flexible.

We offer two types of subscription – elmoFlex and elmoSave

elmoFlex is our most flexible offering, with just a 60-day minimum term. You can swap cars or stop your subscription whenever you like. If you’re not sure what electric car would suit your needs long-term, or just need something more flexible, this is the perfect solution. 

elmoSave gives you access to our best price, while remaining far more flexible than traditional leasing. Commit a little longer, for just a minimum 12-months, and you’ll unlock an affordable electric car safe in the knowledge everything is covered in your subscription. Perfect if you’ve got your heart set on a particular EV, or if you’re happy sticking to the same car for at least a year (after which you can stick or swap!).

We’re on hand to help, too…

4. Hassle free

With our dedicated EV and Fleet Specialists, there’s always someone on the other end of the phone to help, should you need it.

Whether you’re new to EVs or not, having a real human to talk to (over the phone, via webchat or our email address) really puts your mind at ease. If you have an issue with your vehicle, or questions on how to get the best out of it, you’re never alone when subscribing through elmo. We’re regularly praised for our customer support; it’s something we’re really proud of.

Plus, as you don’t need to arrange your own separate insurance, breakdown cover, vehicle excise duty or congestion charge (or worry about paying for replacement tyres when they’re below a safe tread depth), our subscriptions are truly hassle free.

And, as if all of this wasn’t enough, we’ve launched the UK’s first fully-managed salary sacrifice scheme for employees or employers. Just in case you or your business are after a hassle-free way into EVs.   

There must be huge wait times for all of this? In short, there’s…

5. No need to wait

We can usually deliver cars to a new subscriber within one week. That’s 7 days from making your booking, to driving your new electric car. Getting a car directly from a manufacturer, or through a leasing company, could take months.

Some models may take a little longer, depending on whether they’re brand new or coming off a previous subscription, but you can use the ‘notify me’ button on our browse page to make sure you’re the first to know when your favourite EV becomes available.

Want new wheels ASAP? You don’t have to go without – try a different electric car on subscription while you wait for the one you want and swap into it a little later – there’s no need to wait and, you never know, you might find a new favourite!

Any questions?

We’re highly aware the idea of ‘subscribing’ to a car is new. With the cost of living going up, though, the world is demanding more accessible, flexible ways into new car ownership, without the uncertainty or premium cost and the flexibility to stop at any time. In that respect, subscriptions are the future.

Our team are around Monday-Saturday to help with any questions you have; we’d love to welcome you to the elmo family.  

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