Our EV Driver of the Winter 2020

At elmo, we pride ourselves on our safe and sustainable fleet. We work very hard to make it that way; including, by presenting our customers with data like a driving safety score, CO2 savings and tips to improve their driving each month.

Ultimately though, we rely on our wonderful customers to drive safely and responsibly. And that’s why each quarter, we like to reward the best driver on our fleet…



But first, let’s take a look at our fleet’s data for the end of 2020

In the last quarter of 2020, our drivers quietly racked up nearly 100,000 miles all over the UK and spent about 3,700 hours in their electric cars. Even with the November lockdown and the fact that the bulk of our car supply only arrived in mid-November.

In that time, our drivers managed an average driving safety score of 94% – a fantastic effort!

And by covering those miles in electric cars, our drivers stopped 77 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere in the process.

Thanks to everyone who chose to drive an electric car with us in 2020. We are very fond of you all, but there can only be one winner…

And the Best EV Driver Award goes to…

We’re delighted to announce that the award goes to Sarah T. from Chesterfield, representing #teamblue in her MG ZS EV.

Sarah is a key worker in the ambulance service and wanted to make sure she could get to and from work safely during COVID, all while making a difference to the air we breathe and reducing her carbon emissions.

Our all-inclusive subscription helped her overcome anxiety about switching from her old petrol car; and the MG ZS EV with its size and 5* safety rating was a good fit for her.



Sara T in Chesterfield with her elmo MG ZS EV on subscription 

Why did we pick Sarah?

Sarah started her subscription on 10th November 2020. She drove nearly 2,000 miles, spending around 50 hours behind the wheel before the end of the year.

In that time, she recorded an astonishing 100% driver safety score as she spent no time over the speed limit and logged very few harsh events, like braking or accelerating too hard.

And, of course, she stopped 1.5 tonnes of CO2 being emitted in the process (thanks to the zero emissions produced by the car and the carbon offset donation included in the subscription package). For context, the average person in the UK emits 13-15 tonnes each year.

Sarah’s low-cost charging secret

Other drivers came close to matching Sarah’s impeccable driving score, but something else that made her performance stand out was her charging…

From 10th November to 31 December, she spent an incredible £33 to cover those 2,000 miles of driving.

That’s in part a reflection on her good driving – safe driving is almost always efficient! And, in part, a result of a handy arrangement with her employer…

Sarah pays her employer £15pm for unlimited use of the Pod Point at her work and tends to charge up around 20kWh each time she’s in the office.

As a result, she’s only had to spend £3 using the 3-pin “granny” cable at home.

On the one occasion she used a rapid charger, she had the good fortune to find one that was free as a promotion at the new Asda in Worksop!

A little reward to go with the award…

In case the accolade itself is not enough, we’re also giving Sarah £100 off her subscription next month.

Thank you, Sarah, for being a great ambassador for elmo and for EV driving.

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