Best Luxury Electric Cars for 2023

Last year, we wrote about some of our favourite luxury electric cars available in 2022 (including the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S). ​In this post, we outline some of the most luxurious premium EVs you could see on UK roads in 2023.

Comfort and class; these cars are lightning quick off the mark, can go impressive distances with a full battery and boast the latest, most exciting technology.

There are plenty more we could list here, of course, but here’s a handful of the most lavishly equipped:

Lucid Air



406 – 516 miles



£77,000 – £137,000 (est.)

You may think we’re brave putting a brand new company first in this list but, if the reviews are anything to go by, Lucid is a name you need to take note of.

Going after big manufacturers, Lucid are targetting their first model, the Air, solely at luxury limo staples like the Mercedes S Class and BMW 7 Series. They say it’s, “the longest range, fastest charging luxury electric car in the world.” They’re certainly not messing about, then.

Big numbers seem to be a trend with the Air. Speakers? 21. Touchscreen display? 34 inches. Range? 516 miles. Horsepower? Over 1000!

Three versions will be available in the UK: Air Pure, Air Touring and Air Grand Touring, each a step up from the other offering more kit, more power and better range. Air Pure will start with a 480hp equivalent single motor driving the rear wheels, and 406 miles of range, with only the Grand Touring offering the mighty 1050hp, dual motor, 516 mile set up. Other countries, like the US and Canada, get an even faster 1200hp+ Air Sapphire version. 0-60mph for all models is under 3 seconds which, however you look at it, is extremely quick.

Max charging speeds start from 200kW for the Pure, but go up to 300kW for the Grand Touring, with EV Database predicting you can gain 300 miles of range in just 25 minutes of charging. This is an electric car you can cross continents in, no problem.

Journalists are yet to drive one on UK roads but, in the US, it’s proven extremely popular. Effortlessly quiet at speed, smooth around town and great fun on twistier roads, it really does seem too good to be true. The chassis and suspension is said to be class leading, offering the driver a choice: take it easy in style and comfort, or go bananas and drive like you stole it. Either way, we think you’ll be really pleased with the outcome.

The interior is smart and modern but not complicated, which is great news. A mixture of touchscreen and physical buttons (for the important bits) mean feeling at home in the Lucid Air doesn’t take long. If you want the car to do everything for you too, you can just ask the in-built Alexa.

There’s lots of customisability as well, with three choices of alloys, a couple of roof options (including a fully glass ‘canopy’) and the option to spec your car with cream, tan or black leather, alpaca wool (seriously!), or an animal-free material they call PurLuxe.


  • Awesome speed & power available
  • Excellent on the road capability
  • Unique customisation available


  • Top spec is expensive
  • Unfamiliar brand might put people off
  • Faster Tesla Model S available in the UK

Interested? You can reserve a Lucid Air with just a £200 deposit; deliveries are expected in the UK late 2023.

Polestar 3



379 miles




Polestar have really made a name for themselves in the UK. The 2 was, and still is, a great success and the Scandinavian brand is hoping to build on this with their latest offering: a luxury electric SUV called ‘3’.

Doesn’t it look cool?! We think so, anyway. “Thor hammer” headlights, 21” alloy wheels and those elegant but sharp body lines. It’ll definitely stand out from the German SUV crowd.

As with other Polestar cars, the specification is generous, with all 2023 model year cars getting some optional packs as standard (which makes it very, very well equipped indeed). After that, it’ll split into the usual Polestar ‘Pilot’, ‘Plus’ and ‘Performance’ packs. Pilot gives you Polestar’s comprehensive adaptive cruise control system with LiDAR, meaning the car can accurately scan the road in 3D hundreds of times a second. Plus gets you niceties like a 25 speaker Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system, panoramic roof and heads-up display. And Performance is fairly obvious; optimised handling and increased power, a whopping (and slightly frightening) 510hp. That said, the standard Long-Range model is only a fraction less powerful with 482hp, and all models will charge at up to 250kW (meaning 210 miles can be added in just 30 minutes).

What won’t be frightening is how the 3 will handle. It’ll be sure footed and safe, with its Volvo roots, and have great driving dynamics. We don’t know an awful lot about the way it feels at time of writing, but we do know it’ll have extremely clever air suspension as standard so, if Polestar have anything to say about it, it should be a very comfortable car.

Inside the Scandinavian minimalist vibes shine on, with the cabin dominated by the 14.5” Google powered infotainment system. Simple to use and quick to respond, it’s proven to be one of the best systems on the market in the Polestar 2; it’ll no doubt prove just as popular here.


  • Stands out from the German crowd
  • Excellent infotainment system
  • Enhanced safety systems


  • Standard equipment will drop after 2023
  • More expensive than some similarly sized rivals
  • Boot space is a touch smaller than other SUVs

Want to drive a Polestar? The Polestar 2 is available on subscription.

BMW i7



388 miles



£108,000 – £135,000+

​Lined up to take over from the 7 Series in BMWs line up, the i7 is the brand’s soon to be flagship luxury saloon.

What do you think on the looks? From the side and rear it’s arguably handsome, but the front grille has had a serious makeover with some arguing it needs another. Regardless of what you think about the outside, though, the i7 sets out to offer unrivalled comfort and sophistication inside. Besides, BMW knows people buying this kind of car likely care more about what lies inside, so that’s what they want to focus on.

And there’s quite a lot to choose from. If you’re lucky enough to get driven around in the back of one of these, you’ll be thoroughly spoilt. Four zone climate control and air suspension mean all passengers in an i7 are sure to have a comfortable journey; from the reclining rear seat with footrest, to the 31.3” ‘BMW Theatre Screen teamed with 36 speaker surround sound, you’ll be hard pushed not to find the i7 a very, very relaxing place to sit.

BMWs operating system is impressive as well, especially when paired with the many other screens (including a 14.9” central unit, 12.3” digital instrument display and two 5.5″ touchscreens in the rear doors). Option your i7 with the ‘Sky Glass’ panoramic sunroof and, well, the sky really is the limit.

388 miles of range and a max charging speed of 195kW (that’s around 200 miles in 35 minutes) means it’s not the fastest charging, or furthest driving, luxury EV, but it’s still very impressive. The motors are impressive too, bombarding all four wheels with the equivalent of 544hp. It means when you’re not in the back having your massage watching a film and fancy a drive, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s engaging and responds well for such a vast machine. Plus, there’s an M variant on the way with 651hp, apparently. 

It’s big and brash but brilliantly engineered; it’s clear BMWs years, and years, of experience in this field have made this an exceptional luxury saloon. But, if it’s a touch too big, an honourable mention should go to the i7s smaller sibling, the i4, which rivals Tesla’s Model 3 in size.


  • Road presence is unrivalled
  • Endless interior treats
  • All-wheel steering means it handles well for its size


  • That front grille
  • A touch slower to charge than rivals
  • Options are expensive

Genesis Electrified G80



323 miles



£65,000 – £83,000

Again, another left field choice, but we love an underdog. BMW will sell plenty i4s and a fair few i7s too but, sitting in between both of those size wise, there’s something a little more unique – the Genesis Electrified G80.

Electrified because, admittedly, the petrol one has been around for some time now. But its electric sibling is a worthy contender in this segment and one you shouldn’t assume or overlook.

Well built, easy to get to grips with and more upmarket than you might think. The Electrified G80 very competent all-rounder.

The trim line-up is very simple, just one variant: the all-wheel drive aptly named ‘Luxury’ with dual motors producing (equivalent to) 364hp. Acceleration, therefore, is ample with 60mph hit in under 5 seconds (albeit only slightly). A very healthy max charging speed of 230kW, too, means adding 200 miles of range takes just over 20 minutes. It makes the Electrified G80 a luxury saloon you could easily live with, and sink hundreds of miles into, everyday.

To drive? Well, put it this way, if it had a more established badge on the front, it’d live up to expectation. Incredibly refined at all speeds, extremely quiet and well-weighted direct steering means the Electrified G80 is genuinely great to drive. The suspension set up can sometimes feel a touch on the firm side at lower speeds, but it’s by no means intrusive or off-putting. The regenerative breaking and one-pedal-driving modes are really intelligent and easy to get to grips with, too.

Inside it meets the ‘luxury’ brief well. A 14.5” touchscreen, clever head-up display and leather, quilted or otherwise, is standard with a fair few colour options available. It may lack some rear passenger space over its competitors, but this is likely a car you’d want to drive, not be driven around in. Lots of other goodies are supplied too: electric heated seats front and rear with massage for the driver, two zone climate control, TV monitors for rear passengers and cameras all round. But Genesis also piles in other tech, like a solar panel roof and vehicle-to-load charging (meaning you can charge other electrical items using the car’s battery).  

Whatever your opinions on the brand, the Electrified G80 is a great luxury EV. Tempted? We are.  


  • Excellent refinement
  • Great range & charging speed
  • Slightly cheaper than some rivals


  • Will likely depreciate faster than rivals
  • Headroom in the rear isn’t amazing
  • Brand isn’t as established as others in the UK (yet)

Rolls Royce Spectre



320 miles




What if £60k isn’t enough to spend on your car? What if there’s a cool third-of-a-mil burning a hole in your pocket? You’re in luck.

Spectre is Rolls Royce’s first fully electric car and it’ll be delivered to its first owners late 2023.

Here’s a fun fact for you: the Spectre has the largest doors fitted to a Rolls Royce, ever. Why? Well, the car is nearly 5.5 metres long and, like everything, Rolls don’t do things in halves. It looks mightily impressive with the confident grille, massive alloys and chunky tail end. People may not hear you, but they’ll definitely see you coming. And wherever you look, from the mini ‘RR’ logos embedded in the LED lights, to the stunning spirit of ecstasy rising from the bonnet, it oozes wealth and status.

We could write all about how its dual motors have got the equivalent of 585hp, will hit 60mph in 4.4s and can go 320 miles on a single charge. But, ultimately, none of that really matters; what you want to know is, is this a good Rolls Royce? Don’t they usually have thumping great petrol engines? Yes, previously, but this car is all new and all about quality and absolute luxury; the performance figures aren’t as important. An all-electric Roller was inevitable. After all, they’ve been chasing silence for centuries – electric propulsion means they can now truly achieve it.

Like all Rolls Royces, you can specify the Spectre however you like with (quite literally) limitless options. One of our favourite touches is the new starlight headlining, which now also covers the doors, making the cabin feel like you’re floating in space.

That’s quite apt, really, because air springs, adaptive dampers and sound resonators that diminish pesky vibrations are all fitted here. It means we’re in no doubt the Spectre will be the quietest, most opulent and most comfortable electric car on sale in the UK in 2023 and, likely, beyond.

Just got to sell the house to get one now…


  • It’s a Rolls Royce, so exceptional quality is assured
  • Endlessly customisable
  • Nothing else like it on the market


  • Let’s be honest, the price means it’s for the elite only


In summary


We’re spoilt for luxury EVs in 2023, if anything like this list is to go by.

Fancy yourself some luxury but don’t have £300,000 lying around for a Spectre? Don’t worry, at elmo, we’re always expanding the range of electric cars we have available on our all-inclusive, monthly subscriptions.

We don’t have a Rolls Royce, sadly, but we do have some other great premium cars you can use everyday, like the Audi e-tron or Tesla Model 3; check out our full list of available cars.

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