COVID-19 Service Update

During this difficult time, we’d like to give you some reassurances about how we will continue to operate the high level of service expected by our customers – without compromising, in any way, on the safety of our staff and our customers.

For many people COVID-19 has made having a car more important than ever and we are delighted to say that we are now able to deliver our service with minimal disruption. We have recently added some fantastic new offers to the platform and are accepting bookings.

Here’s how our service will work to conform with Health & Safety guidelines from Public Health England.

Booking process 

We aim to make subscribing to an electric car as easy as possible. So, our booking process has always been 100% digital including the exchange and signing of documents.

To book a car on elmo, you won’t have to touch anything from outside the comfort of your home. (You will need your driving licence and the licences of any additional drivers to hand though!).

Just fill out our booking form online, choosing whether you would like to include a charge point, home energy and public charging as part of your electric car subscription.

We will then follow up over email to check over documents and get the contract ‘e-signed’.

Delivery during COVID-19

After you’ve made your booking, we’ll agree a delivery address and date to suit you.

One of our delivery drivers will then drive your new electric car to the agreed address. The driver will then thoroughly clean the interior surfaces of the car and carry out a condition report.

In normal circumstances, our driver would give you a guided tour of the car and its main features. But to minimise contact, we will instead be providing optional follow up calls to answer any questions you may have about your new car.

We kindly ask that you do not shake hands or come within two metres of our drivers.

During your subscription

We are available as usual to help with any problems or questions on or 020 3488 4500.

If you have an accident or breakdown, our insurance and breakdown partners are operating a normal service.


If you are returning a vehicle, we ask that you wipe down the steering wheel, dashboard and the keys.

Please also keep at least two metres away from our staff while they carry out the condition report.

If you have any questions about our service at this time, we are always happy to help – or 020 3488 4500.