elmo is a now a Carbon Neutral Company

elmo is now offsetting its unavoidable carbon emissions with ClimateCare.

At elmo, we take our responsibility for our impact on the environment seriously. We see the transition to electric vehicles as an integral part of reducing carbon emissions in the transport sector – a sector which contributes 26% of all the UK’s carbon emissions).

In our post ‘Are EVs really good for the environment?’, we talked about how zero tailpipe emissions do make EVs better for the environment, but we recognised that there are still problems in the supply chain which undermine the green credentials of EVs. The supply chain is evolving and will become more and more sustainable, but for now it remains a problem…    

That’s why we’ve partnered with climate and sustainable development experts, ClimateCare, to offset carbon emissions associated with the supply chain. Our unavoidable emissions, including those of anyone who drives an electric car through elmo, will be offset through projects including two world-leading clean cooking projects in Kenya and Ghana.  

These clean cooking projects not only cut carbon emissions, helping tackle climate change, they improve lives by halving fuel bills for families and reducing exposure to toxic fumes which kill more people each year than malaria and tuberculosis combined. By cutting fuel requirements the projects also reduce deforestation, protecting precious habitat.




“We work with forward-thinking organisations like elmo to turn their climate responsibilities into positive outcomes. Our trademark Climate+Care approach helps organisations take a smart approach to addressing their environmental impacts by offsetting their carbon emissions through projects which also support sustainable development”.

ClimateCare’s Head of Partnerships




“We are really pleased to announce this partnership with ClimateCare. They have over 20 years’ experience running some of the most innovative and largest voluntary carbon offset programmes in the world. Working with them has allowed us to take full responsibility for our carbon footprint and integrate action to tackle climate change and improve people’s lives.”

Olly Jones, co-founder of elmo

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