Introducing elmoCharge! Our solution to electric car public charging

Charging an electric car is often an area of concern for EV drivers. With all the different charging networks and different ways to pay, navigating different types of public charging can be a challenge. 

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The problem with public charging in the UK

According to charging point mapping site ZapMap and the Climate Change Committee’s Sixth carbon budget predictions, the number of electric cars on UK roads is set to rise to around 12 million by 2030 (up from 300,000 in 2021). With this comes the need for electric car charging points, upon which EV drivers will become increasingly dependent. However, charging networks aren’t always easy to navigate. 

Currently, there are over 60 different charging networks in the UK. These include BP Pulse, Pod Point and Ubitricity (now owned by Shell) as some of the biggest providers. Although offering choice and variety, having such a large number of separate charging networks can also present some challenges: 

  • It’s not always possible to just park up and charge your car; only a few charging points in the UK allow drivers to pay directly by credit or debit card, and no networks allow cash. 
  • Depending on the network, you’ll often need to download a network-specific app, register & pay via a website or have a pre-registered RFID charge. 
  • Some networks will allow you to register an RFID card (Radio Frequency Identify Card) which allows you to start charging simply by tapping the card against the charging point’s card reader. However, you’ll still need to manage an account online in connection with your RFID card.

So in most cases, you’ll need to use a different app, RFID card or website for each different network which can get a little tricky!¹

Our Solution

So, that’s why we’ve launched elmoCharge! With elmoCharge, you’ll need just one single card and login to get access to more than 20,000 charge points across the UK.

What is elmoCharge?

To simplify EV charging for our drivers, we’ve launched elmoCharge in partnership with charge point roaming provider Paua. It’s estimated that with elmoCharge, you’ll never be more than 15 miles from a Paua enabled charge point. Just one single card and login gives you access to over 20,000 charge points across the UK. It’s the most convenient way to charge on the go.

Thanks to our new partnership with Paua, we’re aiming to make EV charging easier and to alleviate some of the confusion and worry that surrounds it.

Key Features of elmoCharge

  • One card, one invoice  
  • Pay- as- you- go, no monthly sign up fees 
  • Convenient access to thousands of charge points across the UK
  • Find your nearest electric charge points through the Paua App

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