Some EVs we’re excited about…

We’ve already got plenty of choice when it comes to choosing our next electric car in the UK. But what’s not quite here yet that you should know about?

I’ve done some grafting and found out some of the EVs, sensible and otherwise, that you should know about. They’re all set to be on UK roads within the next few years. It’s an exciting time to go electric.

Find the EV you’re most excited about

A Renault ZOE parked in a nature park next to a tree.

The more affordable options

New cars are expensive right now, that’s for sure, but with EVs comes low running costs. That doesn’t negate the higher upfront cost though.

So which electric cars coming soon are the ones that won’t break the bank? Here’s a few:

A white BYD Dolphin driving past a yellow field.

BYD Dolphin

Full of tech (and sustainable vegan leather), made with a brand-new advanced extra-safe battery pack and a heat pump as standard. The Dolphin may have a silly name, but it’s a serious contender in the small car market. Especially when it’ll cost over £5000 less than a Vauxhall Corsa-e new for the entry level model.

A group of Fisker Ocean EVs parked in a car park overlooking a field of green

Fisker Ocean

From £35,970, the Fisker Ocean is setting out to disrupt the SUV market. Will it? We’ll have to wait and see. But with a huge option list available and massive spec sheet, you can make the Ocean your own. Front wheel drive, all-wheel drive, smaller battery, larger battery… the choice is yours.

A FIAT 600e driving along a road in Italy

FIAT 600e

Sister car to the similar Jeep Avenger (also one to look for), the FIAT 600e is a ‘500+100’ say FIAT, which basically means it’s bigger, more powerful, more comfortable and has a bigger range than the already very popular 500e. If you’ve been craving the small Italian car but have little ones, this could be the car for you.

MINI Aceman & Cooper Electric

MINI are about to go through a big electrification of their entire range. The new Cooper Electric is nearly here with a brand-new fancy-pants interior too. The Aceman is the larger replacement for the outgoing Clubman. Both promise to bring the usual MINI fun driving experience (plus a better range than the outgoing model).

Peugeot e-308 & e-308 SW

Peugeot e-308 

Just like the Vauxhall Astra-e that shares the same underpinnings, the new e-308 will be Peugeot’s new all-electric mid-size hatch (with the option of an estate too). It’ll be good for 200+miles and start from around £37,000. But it its striking looks and interior it enough to tempt you away from the new Chinese brands?

A Volvo EX30 parked being charged

Volvo EX30

The new EX90s baby brother (more on that later), this new small Volvo is set to be one of their most popular models. A classy but simple interior and plenty of power and range to boot, Volvo have worked really hard to make sure their learnings from Polestar rub off in their own cars.

A Renault ZOE parked in a nature park next to a tree.

For the high-milers

Range, range, range, I need range!!

If you’re regularly on the move and doing 12,000 miles a year or more up and down the motorway, here are a few EVs you should be on the lookout for:

A petrol powered Alfa Romeo Giulia parked up outside a house
This is the current petrol version.

Alfa Romeo Giulia EV

There’s a touch less information on this one as it’s all a bit hush-hush… but the understanding is we’ll be waving goodbye to the petrol Guilia in the coming years and say hello to an all-electric version. Word on the street is one option will include a 400+ mile range, with another being an 800hp motor. Oof.

An Audi A6 e-tron concept being driven down a mountainous road

Audi A6 e-tron

Business managers assemble, your new company car awaits you. The Audi A6 e-tron will be one of Audi’s larger electric models with plenty of advanced tech and an interesting new front-end. What are your thoughts? One of these, or its rival below…

A prototype BMW i5 parked in front of a mountain range

BMW i5

What if you’re not an Audi fan then? Well, BMW have the answer, the new i5. This’ll eventually replace the 5 series as their larger executive saloon and rival to the A6. The i7 had some controversial styling, but they appear to have been more reserved here.

Polestar 4 & 5

And finally for this segment, what if you want something a little different? Polestar have been about for a while now with the successful 2 model, so it’s about time they expanded their range. They wouldn’t be rushed, but it looks like the wait could be worth it with the 4 saloon and 5 Sportback.

Luxury family cars

Only the best for you, dear!

Cars for the family need substance, yes, but that doesn’t mean they have to lack style. Four of the main contenders fighting for the ‘luxury family car’ crown are:

Kia EV9 & Hyundai Ioniq 7

The EV9 and Ioniq 7 (in concept guise here) are based on similar platforms underneath but will both have distinct styling and equipment options. Each manufacturer is now starting to tease us with more information… but what’s for certain is that both will come with bags of character and be big. Very big.

The front of a silver Polestar 3 driving a mountainous road

Polestar 3

Hot on the heels of the successful, albeit smaller, Polestar 2 model, this is Polestar’s first SUV and is touted to do very well indeed. It’ll come with Polestar’s familiar minimalist and stylish interior, but packed full of tech and plenty of power. If you want to stand out a touch from the crowd, this is the one you need to research.

A Volvo EX30 parked and charging

Volvo EX30

Baby Volvo! Cute! I mean, we say baby, it’ll still be a big boy. The EX30 is rumoured to be one of the best all-rounder EVs of its time, not only being somewhat affordable but also rather luxurious. And, to the delight of some drivers, it won’t be absolutely massive and instead will take on more modest EVs.

Speed and power

Ah, the immortal words of petrolheads everywhere.

The good news is electric cars are quick. Here’s a few fast models you could see on UK roads soon:

A Hyundai Ioniq 5 N drifting around a race track.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

Not all cars are born equal. The Ioniq 5 N is Hyundai’s engineers’ love letter to the old-school hot hatch. They’re calling it the “everyday sports car”, which we like the sound of. It produces the equivalent of 641hp which is, quite frankly, silly. But it looks silly too. And hot hatches are supposed to be silly! We like it.


Lotus Eletre

The World’s First Hyper-SUV EV. First debuted in-person at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2022, Lotus are pinning a lot on the new Eletre. It’s a far cry from their crazy-light sports cars of old though, like the Elise for example. Lotus fans will be pleased to hear then it’s still blistering quick, with 0-60mph dealt with in under 3s.

A Polestar 6 parked on a plinth at a launch event in the US

Polestar 6

A convertible sports car!! Hooray! Some would say the MG Cyberster beat them to it, but Polestar have certainly entered the playing field with their best foot forward here. We think this roadster looks absolutely fantastic. And in that light blue colour? Gorgeous.

A Porsche Macan EV being tested in Germany.

Porsche Macan EV

For the family folk in a hurry. Okay, it’s not quite a Taycan, but no doubt Porsche will work their magic on a hot version of the Macan EV when it comes out in the next year or so. 603hp and a 100kWh battery pack is impressive too, plus a revised bodyshape. But would it tempt you away from the stunning Jaguar I-Pace?  

And the wildcard…

A Mercedes-Benz EQG Concept parked on a plinth.

Mercedes-Benz EQG

This is just downright stupid but that’s why it’s amazing. Mega power, mega torque and mega money too we imagine. Our favourite bit? It can spin on its axis and perform a tank-turn. Will you ever need to do that? No. Do you still want one? Yes.

The front of a silver Polestar 3 driving a mountainous road

And there you have it!

A whole host of electric cars to get excited about. So, which one are you trying first?

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