Four reasons why you should consider a Renault ZOE

In March 2020, Renault released two new trim levels for the all-electric ZOE: the Iconic and the GT Line. Revamped with the ZE50 battery, both trims have a refreshed design, a bunch of new features, as well as increased range.

In this post, we’ll cover four reasons why you should consider a Renault ZOE and some of the features we think are worth a special mention: 

All the latest tech

The 2022 Renault ZOE offers a brilliant range of tech features. It has a large, 9.3” central tablet-style touchscreen as well as a 10” driver information display. The 10” display contains all the standard driving aids, an eco-meter to encourage more range-friendly driving and will also show GPS directions.   

Renault ZOE dashboard

The MYRenault app – available on all cars with the EASY LINK nav pack – also lets you control car settings from a distance. For example, pre-programming the air con before you get in the car, checking battery level and charge status, plan charging during off-peak hours, visibility of the car’s radius on a map… the list goes on!  

The EASY LINK system also comes with EV specific functions, for example you’ll be able to see the availability of charging stations in real time. The electric route planner will also put together itineraries that show the most suitable charging points and includes charging stops in the overall travel time.  

Extra space for a small EV

The Renault ZOE offers a very decent 338 litres of boot space which expands to an impressive 1,225 with seats folded down. There’s also an optional false floor, so you can hide charging cables and pretty much flat load space when the seats are folded back. 

Based on the Renault Clio, the ZOE is the same width but it’s longer and over 10cm taller. With the battery stored under the front and rear seats, the seats are higher than in the Clio, though the ZOE’s height means there’s still decent leg and headroom.  

Renault ZOE boot

Brilliant driver convenience and smooth driving experience 

The Renault ZOE certainly delivers on driving experience, as well as on driver convenience.  

There’s a hands-free key card so you just need to approach the ZOE for it to greet you with lights, deploy its mirrors and unlock the doors. And when you’ve got your hands full, the ZOE will lock automatically so you don’t have to faff around. You’ll also benefit from heated seats and a heated steering wheel.  

Once you start driving, you’ll notice that there’s very little wind noise thanks to the acoustic windscreen and sound proofing. Though if you’re concerned that pedestrians or cyclists won’t hear you, the ZOE still produces a very audible hum so there’s nothing to worry about.  

Renault ZOE keys and boot

Plus, there’s two driving modes. A simple push on the e-shifter will put the car into B mode which assists deceleration whenever you aren’t on the accelerator – so you’ll barely need to use the brake pedal. This is a great feature for city driving or in heavy traffic, making your experience out on hectic roads much smoother.  

Finally, the ZOE also offers an ECO mode. Using this mode will turn everything off in the vehicle that doesn’t need to be used. Though it’s worth noting that this does affect the throttle response and will make driving the ZOE a little less fun.  

Stylish exterior with recycled fabrics 

In this revamped version of the ZOE, Renault have opted for high-end, soft touch materials – including fabrics made from recycled seatbelts and old plastic bottles. Plus, there’s an impressive 22.5kg of recycled polymer parts in and around the cabin. All finished with touches of chrome, the ZOE feels a lot classier than its previous version.  

The refreshed centre console now has a new electronic gear lever and automatic parking brake which frees up space and doubles the amount of storage available. There’s a small cubby, two cupholders and even space for a smartphone with a wireless charging option.  

Renault ZOE interior seats

Could the Renault ZOE be right for you?  

With a decent range and spacious interior, the Renault ZOE provides a great small electric car alternative to models such as the Mini E and Peugeot e-208.

If you often find yourself nipping through rush hour traffic on your commute, the Renault could be perfect for you. It’s pretty perky and the tight turning circle makes city navigation a breeze. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the Renault isn’t just for rapid trips round the corner; with a full battery that takes 3 hours to charge using a public 22kW charger, that’ll give you around 240 miles of range. A rapid charge to 80% using a 50kWh charger will take 70 minutes on the more powerful model, while a 30-minute charge will give you 90 miles of range. So the Renault ZOE is more than capable of covering almost any kind of road trip. 

Finally, it’s also great for those after comfort given its size. The front passenger area is spacious and the boot space also impressive.

Here at elmo, we think the Renault ZOE really is a great all-rounder for an EV of its size. In fact, here’s one of our very own senior fleet specialists, Sian, looking rather pleased with her ZOE! You can also read more about one customer’s experience with the Renault ZOE here.  


The Renault ZOE on subscription  

On a subscription with elmo, you can try the Renault ZOE GT Line+ for 60 days and then hand it back with a month’s notice or keep it as long as you like.

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