MG5 vs MG ZS – How do they compare?

In the UK, MG electric cars have only been available since 2019, with an offering that focuses on affordability and reliability. With prices starting at under £28k or £479 per month on an all-inclusive subscription with elmo, MGs are a great option for those looking to go electric without breaking the bank.

MG has made considerable and rapid improvements over the last few years, including an updated battery boosting range from around 150 miles to 198 miles. The Long Range version will also get you up to 273 miles on a single charge! This makes the ZS EV the best range of any EV on the market for under £30k.

In this post, we’ll continue to explore the MG5 and the MG ZS EV to see exactly how they compare.

MG5 on road
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Range and charging capacity

Let’s get straight to the important stuff, and also the most impressive part of MG’s offering! 

For the MG5, battery capacity was upgraded to 61.1kWH from just over 50kWh, meaning it will give you a WLTP range of 250 miles. As for the ZS EV, the battery pack is increased to 72.6kWh and will give you a WLTP range of 273 miles. Both battery packs are liquid cooled. 

Those are pretty impressive ranges and you won’t be needing to plug in too often! When you do get round to charging, the MG5 on a 7kW charger will charge from 0-100% in about 9 hours. With a bigger battery, the ZS EV would take around 11 hours.

As a little extra, the MG ZS EV also has a V2L – Vehicle to Load – capability! This means you can plug in household appliances into the ZS EV and run them off the car battery. 

MG ZS EV on road
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Although standard crossover SUVs and Estate cars have a reputation of not being the fastest cars around (and electric versions even less so), you might be surprised to learn that the MG has lots to offer here! 

The MG5 Long Range has a 115kW motor that will get you from 0-62mph in 7.7 seconds. The ZS EV also has a 115kW motor with the same horsepower and torque as the MG5 but it’s a little slower at 8.4 seconds. Top speed is also limited to just under 110mph, about 5-6mph slower than the MG5… should you ever find yourself somewhere that allows that sort of speed! 

Interiors and Design

MG isn’t a brand that designs particularly eye-catching or stand-out vehicles, however they remain sleek and simple.  

The MG5 remains very similar to smaller battery version and although it might not offer a premium feel or wow with its looks, within MG5 does offer a spacious boot and back seat area. 

The ZS EV however has been refreshed in a way that makes it that little bit more appealing on the eye. Instead of 16″ rims, you’ll get 17″ alloys and the grill at the front has been removed. You’ll notice the biggest difference inside, where you’ll find an upgraded screen, software and new digital dials. The materials are more luxurious than the MG5, with better quality fabrics and finishing touches. 

MG ZS EV Interior
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Space and dimensions

As a car make that focuses on practicality over aesthetics, both the MG5 and ZS EV deliver in terms of space. 

The ZS EV is just 4.3m long (vs 4.5m for the MG5), yet offers 470 litres of space and up to 1,100L with back seats folded. The MG5 however might just have the edge here, offering 464 litres of space and up to an impressive 1,456L when with back seats folded.

The MG5 also now has a rated roof rack (previously only for decoration). The ZS EV also has a roof rack for 75kg, and can tow up to 500kg.  

MG ZS EV Long Range (left), MG5 Long Range (right)

Summary: Comparison at a glance

Boot Space (seats up / down)
Type 2 CCS Charging Time (0-100%)
180 miles
464L / 1,456L
8.5 hours
MG5 Long Range
209 miles
464L / 1,456L
9.5 hours
135 miles
470L / 1,100L
6.5 hours
MG ZS EV Long Range
203 miles
470L / 1,100L
11 hours

Our verdict: the MG5 or the ZS EV? 

If you’re trying to decide between the MG5 and the ZS EV, there aren’t a whole lot of distinguishing features and it might simply come down to what you’re used to, and to what you’re after. 

If you’re looking for a spacious family car that can fit extra luggage or booster seats and you’re used to an SUV driving experience and sitting higher up, the ZS EV could be the better option. It’s also worth it if you’re after that little bit more range and extra V2L functionality. As for in-car technology, the ZS EV also performs slightly better than the MG5. Finally, the ZS EV also has the edge when it comes to aesthetics. 

With that in mind, the MG5 remains practical and effective; it’s simple and no faff. Plus if you’re used to an Estate and lower driving position, you could well appreciate the driving experience in the MG5.  


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