MG5 Review

We recently added the MG5 to the electric cars available for subscription. In this review, we will tell you everything you need to know about the MG5.

MG5: What’s it like?

When MG introduced its ZS range, it was widely considered one of the best budget fully electric SUV’s on the market. But then the iconic British brand went one step further and released its MG5. As the first all-electric estate to hit the market, it matches the ZS in price, but has better performance and range.

Voted Best Value car by WhichEV and Best Value Car in the 2021 Business Car Awards, the family-friendly estate is surprisingly nippy and has excellent practicality for passengers and cargo alike.

Granted, its design is not the sleekest-looking thing you’ve ever seen but that’s not what the MG5 is all about. This is a no-nonsense estate with sensible functions on the inside that you will actually use.

Take the Trip Metre display as an example. This will tell you how many miles you’ve done to the kWh, how fast your average speed is, and how far you’ve driven. Simple.

MG5 Excite Silver Exterior

How many versions does the MG5 come in?

The MG5 is available in two versions – Excite and Exclusive.

Excite models come with alloy wheels, push-button start and rear parking sensors, cruise control, three driving modes, Sat Nav, a 7 inch driver information display, as well as an 8 inch media control touchscreen that supports Apple Car Play and Android Auto. 

Exclusive models add luxuries including keyless entry, heated front seats featuring six-way electric adjustment for the driver’s seat, silver roof rails, one-shot electric rear windows, auto wipers and leather-style upholstery.

In July this year, MG then released an updated version of the Excite and Exclusive models called the MG5 EV Long Range.

MG5 Excite Interior

How does it perform?

Considering it’s an estate, there is plenty of oomph. If you floor it, the car will hit 0-60mph in just 7.3 seconds. It’s perfectly happy at motorway speeds and has a top speed of 115mph.

How far does the MG5 go?

The battery has a total capacity of 53 kWh giving a 214-mile WLTP range.  In the real world it can clock-up an average range of 180 miles, but in the summer months it can, without question, get over 200 miles between charges. That’s pretty impressive once you see the price.

The newer Long Range version has a bigger 61.1kWh battery and can do up to 250 miles.  

Recharging the MG5 is easy with a CCS charging point located at the front. You can charge the battery from 0-100% in 8.5 hours from a standard Type 2 charger.  A 100kW rapid-charger will take 40 minutes to hit 80% from zero whilst a 50kW rapid-charger can get to 80% in 50 minutes.

How does it compare?

The MG5 is priced at only £25.1k for the lower spec Excite model, rising to £27.6k for the Exclusive trim.  The EV Long Range Excite is £26.5k and the Long Range Exclusive is £29k.

In one sense, as it is the first all-electric estate to be launched into the market, it has no direct competitors. The closest rival is probably its ZS sibling. This, the MG5 beats on price as the ZS starts at £26.1k. On range, the ZS can officially do 163 miles so the MG5 trumps it here as well.

But if you cast the net wider, the Renault ZOE and Nissan Leaf are also worthy electric rivals.

The Renault ZOE is more expensive with a starting price of about £26k but has a better real world range of 210 miles. However, it doesn’t come close to the MG5 on interior space.

As a practical and efficient family hatch, the Nissan Leaf is targeting the same type of driver. Priced at £26k, it has a 40 kWh total battery capacity and 140-mile range so the entry level MG5 is better in all three respects.

MG5 On The Road

So who’s it for? 

The MG5 is for families in particular who need an affordable car for school runs, but who also want to travel longer-distances and need lots of space.

If you are also someone that gets overwhelmed by gadgets, and doesn’t want to waste time faffing about with any car manual, then this one’s for you.

What’s good?

  • Great value
  • Loads of boot space for all activities
  • Copes well with motorway driving


  • The design is not as eye-catching as some models like the Honda e for example
  • The media control touchscreen can be slow to respond


Whilst the MG5 may not wow with its traditional looks, we think it delivers on what matters most: a usable 180-mile range, at a cheaper monthly price, with straightforward functions and plenty of space. For those looking to make the switch to their first EV, this is a smart electric choice that will get the job done.

What do you think of the MG5?

Would it fit your lifestyle?

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