Podcast interview with Robert Llewellyn from FullyCharged

Olly Jones, co-founder of elmo, explores Robert Llewellyn's eccentric career...

As well as running elmo, Olly also hosts a popular business podcast called The Startup Microdose Podcast. Earlier in the year, he interviewed Robert Llewellyn from the FullyCharged Show.

Here's how he described the experience:

Sometimes no amount of interview prep is enough. I had planned to talk almost exclusively about electric cars. But ended up letting the reins go entirely for a wild ride through Robert's eccentric career, starting out in a hippy commune through shoemaking to stand up comedy to TV with Red Dwarf and Scrapheap Challenge; and finally to YouTube and, of course, the FullyCharged Show and electric cars. Robert is side-splittingly funny and jaw-droppingly eccentric. It was great fun to interview him.

Olly Jones, elmo & The Startup Microdose Podcast

You can also listen on on Spotify and Entale.


...And here's a picture of Robert and Olly after the recording!

elmo co-founder, Olly Jones, talks all things electric car in his podcast with Robert Llewellyn from the FullyCharged Show. Not to mention shoemaking, Red Dwarf and Jeremy Clarkson!

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