Partnership with Select Car Leasing

We’ve teamed up with the good folk at Select Car Leasing to offer customers a complete solution, whatever their needs…

Leasing and car ownership

As a leading car subscription company, we talk a lot about the benefits of moving away from car ownership. We believe modern car drivers want flexibility – instead of being stuck with the same car for years – and want to avoid stumping up a load of cash upfront for the privilege.

At elmo, we’ve approached this problem by offering electric cars on flexible, all-inclusive subscriptions. We think this is the easiest and smartest way to switch to an electric car.

But, a lot of credit for the move away from car ownership should go to subscription’s sibling – the leasing industry.

Over the last decade or so, vehicle leasing has fast become the preferred way to access cars. And we can see why: it offers consumers and businesses a practical way to access the cars they need on a simple fixed monthly payment plan.

How car subscriptions fit in

At first sight, subscriptions and leasing seem to compete, but we believe that they each cater to different customer needs. As such, there are plenty of examples of the two working in tandem, for example:

  • Customers can drive a car on a flexible subscription while they wait for their lease car to be delivered.
  • Customers can try a car for a minimum of 60 days on subscription before committing to a longer-term lease contract. (This is especially relevant for electric cars where people really want to be sure what they’re committing to!).

elmo & Select Car Leasing partnership

To prove our point, we’ve teamed up with Select Car Leasing – the UK’s leading vehicle leasing broker – to offer elmo’s flexible subscriptions to Select customers while they wait for their lease vehicle to be delivered.

elmo and Select share a vision of making car ‘ownership’ simpler, more affordable and greener for customers, so we’re delighted to be launching this partnership in tandem with Select.

About Select Car Leasing

Founded in 2004, Select Car Leasing has clearly established itself as the UK’s largest vehicle leasing company, both in terms of traffic to the website and visibility on Google.

Offering the most competitive leasing rates in the market, Select Car Leasing is on course to deliver circa 30,000 cars in 2021 and in total close to 50,000 people are now driving a Select lease vehicle across the UK.

The business has enjoyed significant growth over the past few years, doubling in size each year for each of the last 4 years, and with annual website users having topped 5 million during 2020, Select is now one of the largest automotive sites in the country by website visitors.

With the ever-growing popularity of electric vehicles, in early 2020 Select created a dedicated online zone for EVs. Branded Select Electric, you can browse a huge selection of electric car leasing deals, access informative and up to the minute EV guides, as well as read all the latest EV news and electric vehicle reviews.

About elmo

At elmo, we’re on a mission to make electric cars accessible to everyone.

We believe you should be able to drive an electric car with total flexibility, in case the car doesn’t fit your lifestyle; or things change and you no longer need a car.

With a subscription, there’s no hefty deposit to pay and you can try an electric car like the top spec Renault ZOE ZE50 for just 60 days. You can then hand it back with 30 days’ notice after your first month or keep it for as long as you like.

The monthly price includes:

  • Electric car on your chosen mileage package
  • Comprehensive insurance cover
  • Maintenance
  • Breakdown cover
  • Carbon offset donation (to account for emissions produced when the car was built)