Best 7 Sustainable Subscriptions

Subscriptions are all the rage, particularly since the pandemic. Popular because of their convenience, all-inclusive nature and in some cases, excellent gifts that keep giving! Subscription packages usually require a monthly payment in return for a product or service delivered or provided to you on a monthly basis. They include everything you might need for that month – for total convenience. From beauty and flowers, to fruit, veg, coffee and now even cars! There’s pretty much a subscription for everything.

Whilst convenience is often a big factor for the shopper, it isn’t always associated with sustainability. But do not fear! For all the green minded amongst you, we’ve hand picked some of the top eco-friendly subscriptions to help you find the best packages for your pocket and the planet.

So, keep reading!


1. Oddbox – fruit & veg

More than a 1/3 of fruit and veg gets binned before it even leaves the fields because it’s deemed ‘ugly’ or ‘wonky’. No, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, they still taste the same. Silly, right? Well, Oddbox think so too.

The saviours of wonky fruit and veg instead rescue these ‘ugly’ fruit and veg and sell them on in weekly drop offs as part of their subscription package. Saves you heading out to the shops and saves some food from being wasted!

Boxes start from just £11.49 depending on how many mouths they are feeding and like a lot of subscriptions, they are totally flexible so you can cancel anytime.

Oddbox website.

Oddbox subscription box

2. Grind – coffee

Grind claim to be the world’s most sustainable coffee pod and we don’t disagree. All of their coffee pods are 100% compostable, meaning that after you’ve carefully crafted your cuppa coffee, you can pop your empty pods in your compost heap – coffee with a conscious. Plus, all their packaging is fully recyclable or compostable so you can truly leave no trace. 

Their subscription packages start from just £9.95 per month, with pods delivered straight to your door. Plus the coffee tastes pretty good too!

Grind website

Grind subscription coffee

3. Bloom & Wild – flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? Even better when you can sign up to a subscription and get a new bunch to brighten up your home every month. Bloom & Wild are the original letter box flower service, branching out (see what we did there) to subscription packages too. 

Sustainability has always been at their core, since flowers and plants are dependant on the environment. 100% of their packaging is recyclable or compostable, even their stickers and nets! They are also 100% zero-to-landfill – so any waste flowers are composted. 

Subscriptions start from £20 per month for a fresh bunch of flowers delivered monthly – plus free delivery and you can choose your subscription length.

Bloom & Wild website

Bloom & Wild subscription flowers

4. Who gives a crap – loo roll

Who gives a crap are a certified B-Corp company, set up to help the 40% of the world’s population who don’t have access to a toilet. They sell loo roll, kitchen roll and tissues, with 50% of their profits helping build toilets and improving sanitation in developing countries. Plus, all of their products are made from either 100% recycled paper, or bamboo. 

Their subscription packages start from £28 per box and you can choose how often you need your home delivery. 

Who Gives a Crap website

Who gives a crap subscription box

5. elmo – car subscriptions 

Well, we couldn’t talk about sustainable subscription packages without giving us a mention too! We provide electric car subscriptions. Everything you need to get on the road is included: the car, insurance, maintenance, tax, MOT, servicing and breakdown cover. With just one monthly payment and you can swap car or stop completely after a minimum term of 60 days on elmoFlex (or save some dough with our 12-month elmoSave option).

Plus we’ll deliver and collect your car straight from your door! Total convenience, plus you’ll be doing your bit for the planet by driving an emissions free vehicle. 

Our subscriptions start from £429 per month.

elmo Subscription - young man driving an electric car

6. Wild – refillable deodorant

We’re living in a throwaway culture, with millions of bathroom products sent to landfill each year. Wild are a sustainable subscription package for deodorant, helping us go green in the bathroom and combat this plastic waste crisis. 

How does it work? Well, simply order one of their beautiful deodorant cases (they have loads of great designs!), then order your chosen refillable deodorant scent. This is then sent to you as part of your subscription package, depending on how often you need it. Dispose of your refill pack (they’re made from bamboo pulp so can be composted) and keep on using your case for a lifetime of freshness! 

They claim, every refill saves 30 grams of plastic waste going to landfill. Plus they offset any remaining carbon used to create their products in the first place. 

Wild refills start from just £5 when you subscribe. Plus you can skip, pause or stop when you like. 

Wild website

Wild Deodorant range

7. Buzzbike – bike subscription

The Guardian call it the ‘Netflix of Bikes’. Buzzbike is a subscription service for bikes (& now electric ones!) in London and Manchester set up by a team of passionate cyclists. It’s made our top sustainable subscriptions list because of course, you guessed it, bikes produce no emissions! 

How does it work? Choose your bike and subscription package, get your bike and lock delivered to your home within 48 hours. Then get riding. Use the Buzzbike App to navigate the city and book in free repairs. Plus they offer cycling concierge services so you can get the most out of cycling with loads of suggestions, guidance and help from their rider happiness team. 

Subscription packages start from £17.99 per month when you choose an annual subscription. 

Buzzbike website. 

Man cycling using Buzzbike subscription

So there you have it!

If you’re on the hunt for a new subscription – why not consider a sustainable one first? There are plenty to choose from that will make your life just that little bit easier, but also not harmful to the planet. 

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