Top 5 things to do while your EV is charging

Ever felt like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? You’re definitely not alone. Also hate waiting? Waiting in line, for appointments, for our devices to charge – it all feels like a big waste of time. Well, you’re not alone either. 

So, that’s where EV charging comes into play – the unsung hero of productivity! No, but really. Using your EV charging time wisely, you can squeeze in tasks, hobbies, or just relax (?!). 


Here are some of the best things we think you can do while your EV charges:

1. Sleep

If you’re looking to save money and not even notice your EV is charging – and you’ve got somewhere to charge overnight – then sleeping is pretty high up on the list of top things to do while your EV charges. Here’s why it’s worth considering:

  • No range anxiety: Wake up with a fully charged EV, ready for a day of travel without worrying about not having enough range. 
  • Time and cost efficiency: Take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, saving money and reducing electricity consumption during high-demand periods. 
  • Environmental benefits: Charging during low-demand hours helps reduce your carbon footprint by using cleaner energy sources. 
  • Battery health & longevity: Overnight charging allows for a gradual charge cycle, which helps optimise battery health and lifespan.
bed with orange background

2. Work

Another obvious one if you’ve got access to charging whilst at work – again, you won’t even notice your EV is charging! Advantages of charging at work include: 

  • Extending your range: Charging your EV at work means you can also just top up your battery during the day and extend your range. 
  • Time efficiency: Using work hours to charge your EV means you can avoid stopping at public charging stations waiting for your EV to charge. 
  • Cost savings: Some workplaces offer EV charging at subsidised rates which is worth checking out, and means you could end up saving quite a bit!

3. Shopping

Make the most of your grocery (or any other!) shopping time to get your EV fully charged or topped up. Here again, you could also benefit from free / discounted charging at certain supermarkets! 

Several UK supermarkets offer free electric vehicle (EV) charging points, including Sainsbury’s, Lidl, and Aldi. These supermarkets have partnered with Pod Point, which serves as the network provider for these charging stations. The free charging service is primarily available on Pod Point’s fast 7/22kW chargers. However, Morrisons, Waitrose, and Asda also have EV charging points, although they are not free and require payment on a pay-as-you-go basis.

    car plugged into charge point at a Lidl supermarket

    4. Go for a walk / jog / cycle!

    Gyms can be expensive and it’s not always easy to squeeze a session into a busy schedule. So next time you need to charge your EV, consider a comfy pair of trainers for a walk or jog round the block. Or if you’re a keen cyclist, it’s a great time to get out on your bike too! 

    5. And… relax

    It’s not always about being productive, all of the time. Charging your EV is a great time to just relax and watch a film, read a book or catch up on your latest podcast episode! Plus, lots of EVs offer some great in-car entertainment that can still be used while your EV is charging. For example, Tesla drivers can watch Netflix (and other streaming services!) through the Tesla Theatre on the central infotainment screen. 

      Make EV charging part of your routine

      Charging an electric car can take anywhere from a quick 30-minute pit stop to a slightly longer 12 hours. It all boils down to how big the battery is and how fast the charging point is.

      Let’s say you’ve got a regular electric car with a 60kWh battery. If you plug it into a 7kW charging point, it’ll take just under 8 hours to go from empty to full. On the other hand, with a 50kW rapid charger, you can add around 100 miles of range to many electric cars in just about 35 minutes.

      So like with many things, a bit of forward planning can make EV charging just another part of the routine and helps to avoid it getting in the way. 

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