Zećira Mušović – life off the pitch in an electric car

Our subscribers have some cool jobs, but this is possibly one of the coolest… 

Chelsea women’s footballer Zećira Mušović has been subscribed to an electric car with elmo since December last year. In this blog, I sat down with her to ask a little more about her experiences moving over to the UK and what it’s like living with an electric car. 

Zećira Mušović sat in the boot of a Fiat 500e with the charging cables

Thanks for chatting Zećira (we know you’re really busy!). How are you doing?

I’m doing just fine, thank you. Like you say, it’s a really busy block with many amazing challenges ahead of us in Chelsea. The FA cup final around the corner and last few games in the league. Exciting!

You’ve been living over here a little while now since joining Chelsea FC, but how are you finding the UK?

I’m enjoying my life here in the UK and especially my time as a Chelsea player. I would love to have a few more sunny hours but you can’t get everything in life can you. One thing that I really like is the diversity you can see in the country. I appreciate all the different cultures and not everyone being the same.

Zećira Mušović stood next to her Fiat 500e

You drive a lot over here to get about and go to training – how do you find it compared to Sweden?

The roads here in the UK are much busier then the roads in Sweden, especially at some particular times during the day. But a big difference is also the culture on the roads, where I feel like drivers here are much more willing to help out so the traffic can run smoother. In Sweden, we are people that like to stick to the rules. If you are not standing in line, even if you make a mistake, you will have a hard time being let in in the queue. Haha, a bit funny. I must also mention the roads here are much smaller in many cases. Thank God I have a Fiat and not any big car.

You came to us for an electric car. What made you want to drive an EV in the UK?

I do really enjoy driving an EV. I try to do my part to help out with the environment in the best possible way and driving an EV is small part of that. Especially now when charging points are so easily accessible and it’s not a barrier. And everything with it feels so smooth: no noise and no heavy acceleration.

What are you driving at the moment?

At the moment I drive a Fiat 500e which I love! I call her Fia. She is great and I would say the perfect car to drive in London. Perfect for me in that I usually drive alone, the one pedal driving is amazing and it’s perfectly sized to get through the small roads and tight parking spots. Also, it’s very cute and innocent so everyone lets her in everywhere haha. It’s true!

A Fiat 500e driving through a side street in a city, outside a closed shop.
A FIAT 500e La Prima – available on subscription with elmo.

What did you find difficult when you first drove an electric car?

I was a bit worried about the charging and how far I can drive without having to charge all the time. But quite fast I learned that it’s not a problem at all since I could use an app to find charging points and my car could reach long distances when driving smart in the city. I deffo do not miss my old petrol car!

Let’s talk charging. You drive a fair bit, so how have you found charging your EV in the UK?

At our training ground at Chelsea they have sorted us with a charging point that we can use. This is amazing! I arrive to the training ground, put Fia on to charge, train and come back to a fully charged car.

Why did you choose to get an EV on subscription? Why elmo?

I found out about elmo through social media and got a good feeling straight away. I was in need of a car ASAP and was surprised how nice the people working there were to me and how willing they were to help me out. I needed a car but I was stressed about all the things that comes with it: insurance, contracts etc. But with elmo, everything is included and I can just enjoy driving Fia.

Thanks again Zećira – what are your plans for the rest of the day?

My plan for the day is to get another good session in with the team. Imagine, I get to have football that I love as my job. Lucky me!!

Zećira Mušović taking a selfie next to her Fiat 500e

Zećira partnered with elmo in December 2022 to give her access to an electric car and spread the good word about going electric. You can see more of how she’s got on driving electric on her Instagram page.

We’re really pleased she’s enjoyed driving Fia and we’re excited to see where she heads next. Oh, and we might be all pink but…

Come on you blues!!

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