elmoCharge on Salary Sacrifice

Supercharge your savings with elmoCharge on Salary Sacrifice

As well as achieving great savings on the cost of your electric car with salary sacrifice, with elmo you can also save on public charging too (a first in the UK!). Add elmoCharge as a bolt-on to your salary sacrifice scheme, with a fixed monthly amount and soak up the same savings!

That’s anything between 30-60% off the cost of your public charging. Win-win.

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How does it work?

  • Choose a fixed monthly amount (we can help you decide this)
  • We’ll charge you pre-tax, on your fixed amount so you can save 30-60% on the cost
  • If you use less, your allowance will carry over to the next month
  • If you spend more than your fixed amount, you’ll be charged post-tax on the extra charge (but don’t worry, you can change your fixed amount if needed)

How much will you save?

On average, our existing elmoCharge customers spend around £70 per month on public charging.

So, depending on how much you save through Salary Sacrifice (this is based upon your salary and tax bracket), you could also save:

£30,000 p/a
£55,000 p/a
£125,000 p/a
elmoCharge monthly cost
Monthly savings
Salary: £30,000 p/a
Savings: -30%
elmoCharge monthly cost: £49
Monthly savings: £21
Salary: £55,000 p/a
Savings: -37%
elmoCharge montly cost: £44.10
Monthly savings: £25.50
Salary: £125,000 p/a
Savings: -60%
elmoCharge monthly cost: £28
Monthly savings: £42
*savings based upon  a £70 average monthly spend

What’s not to love?

Salary Sacrifice Calculator

To work out how much you could save, use our Salary Sacrifice calculator. The same savings (%) will be applied to your elmoCharge bolt on.

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Why choose elmoCharge?

We’ve teamed up with fellow partners in pink, Paua who are one of the largest EV charging roaming providers in the country. With elmoCharge, you get access to over 25,000+ charge points across Britain – using just one card.

We’ve taken the hassle out of public charging:

  • 1 card gives you access to over 25,000+ charge points
  • Pay-as-you-go seamlessly, with 1 invoice through your elmo account
  • Search and find your nearest charge point through the Paua app 
Image showing the elmoCharge card with Fiat 500e in the background

How do you sign up?

For existing salary sacrifice customers

To add elmoCharge as a bolt on to your existing scheme – simply speak to one of our salary sacrifice team members to agree on your monthly bolt-on price. They’ll get this added to your monthly subscription payments, so you can enjoy the same savings on public charging (you can thank us later). 

For interested salary sacrifice customers

Hello! We’re glad you’re interested in getting an electric car on salary sacrifice. To find out more about our scheme, and how you can also save on public charging too, simply complete the short form below and one of our team will be contact soon!


Can I amend my monthly fixed price?

Yes of course! However HMRC doesn’t like too many changes, so we’d wouldn’t recommend changing this more than two times in one year.

Can I remove the fixed monthly price if I don't need it anymore?

Yes of course! Just let us know and we can remove the bolt-on from your subscription. 

What charge point providers does this give me access to?

Lucky for you, elmoCharge gives you access to over 20 different charge point providers. Including: Gridserve, Shell, Osprey, MER, Connected Kerb and many more. Head over to Paua’s website for a full list of providers and a handy charging map. 

What happens if I exceed my monthly fixed charging amount?

Don’t worry if you exceed your allocated charging amount. You’ll simply be charged for this additional amount post-tax. This does however mean you won’t gain the same savings. If this happens often throughout your salary sacrifice scheme, we can look at increasing your fixed monthly amount so that you can maximise savings. 

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