EV Charging at the Workplace

What are the options for EV charging at a workplace?

Once you have decided on the best method of adopting electric cars for your business, it’s also worth considering the charging infrastructure at your workplace.

There are a number of schemes available that make installing electric car charging points for your business a low-cost, or even free option. For example, Chargemaster will install a charge point for free if it will also be accessible to the public.

The workplace charging scheme also offers a 75% grant for the purchase and installation of up to 40 charge points.

If the office space is leased can we still install EV chargers?

If you lease your current business premises it’s important that you get permission before installing a charge point. Some lease agreements may have restrictions on changes made to the property. However, as an EV charge point is seen as an improvement, it’s unlikely you should face any obstacles when seeking permission from a landlord.


Is it expensive to allow electric car charging at a workplace?

There are a few cost implications to consider if you are thinking about installing car charging at the workplace. Firstly, there’s the initial charge point unit cost, which can vary anywhere between £1,000-3,000. 

Then there is the cost to charge your employees’ cars. This will vary depending on the time of day, your provider, how often it is used and the type of car being charged. 

Can you get government grants for electric car charging points for businesses?

Yes. The UK Government has a voucher scheme called ‘The Workplace Charging Scheme’ which provides support towards the upfront costs of the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charge-points, for eligible businesses. 

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