How does delivery work with elmo?


At elmo, we pride ourselves on delivering a seamless all-inclusive service for our subscribers. That’s why we include a white glove delivery service as part of our subscription package. In as little as a week, your shiny new car will dropped right outside your door. 

elmo delivery driver handing over car

How does delivery work?

We deliver to anywhere in mainland Britain. It’s a flat fee of £119 for drivers in England and Wales and for those living in Scotland, there’s an extra fee quoted at checkout.

Upon booking, you can choose a date and time (AM or PM) that’s convenient for you – you really are in the driving seat! You can also pick to have the car delivered to your work address if that’s easier. 

Behind the scenes

Once you’ve booked, our team will start to prepare your car, carrying out the necessary checks, getting it cleaned and ready for your delivery date. Your car should arrive at your doorstep looking at its very best!

Meanwhile, our Customer Support team will keep in touch with you about your delivery date and are on-hand to answer any questions. 

What to expect on your delivery day:

We have a team of trained drivers that will collect your car from one of our depots and drive it straight to your home or work address. On route, they’ll give the car another clean if required and make sure that it’s delivered to you with at least 60% charge. 

1. The big day!

We don’t just drop the car, keys, and wave goodbye.

On the day of your delivery, you’ll get a call or text from your delivery driver, to let you know of their estimated delivery time. This is to give you a heads up and to make sure you or your nominated person, are available to take the delivery.

2. Detailed inspection

Once your driver has arrived, they’ll complete a multi-step, HD video recording of the car’s current condition. They’ll talk you through the entire process and confirm you are happy with the report. Giving you total peace-of-mind that you won’t be hit with any unexpected charges at the end of your subscription.

Don’t forget, the handover driver will need to see a copy of your driver’s license as proof of ID.

Once you are happy, they’ll ask you to sign the report, you’ll get emailed a copy and they’ll hand over the keys. It’s that simple!

3. White glove handover

This is where our expertise really shines. Your handover driver will help you get to know your car. Everything from pairing your phone to the infotainment system, to charging at home or on the road. Anything you need, just ask. Or, if you’re already an EV expert, that’s fine too – feel free to send them on their merry way.

What about if it’s a car swap?

Car swaps work in a very similar way. Once you’ve let us know which car you’d like to swap to, our team will arrange a date for the cars to be swapped over. For efficiency and convenience, the swap will take place on the same day. Your new car will arrive, and your old one taken away by the same driver. All the same checks and handover processes will take place as normal. 

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