Best electric 7 seaters 2023

Cars have to be all things to all people nowadays, that’s why (as an MPV) seven-seater cars are all about being practical, full of useful family features and above all else, safe. But, long gone are the days of 7-seater cars being dull and boring. Manufacturers have set out to make their family chariots not just spacious and reliable, but interesting and fun too.

The good news is this trend is continuing with the latest haul of seven-seater electric cars in the UK right now, as well as some that are coming soon. We’ll talk you through their real-world range*, power, boot space, price** and safety, as well as give you an insight into how they drive and what they come with.

So sit back and relax as we reveal the top all-electric seven seaters available in the UK right now

*Real-world range taken from EV Database.
**Prices taken from manufacturer websites at time of writing.

The 7-seaters in question

This list features cars from:

A Volkswagen ID.Buzz parked.

What makes seven seaters so good?

We get it – family life can be tough; we don’t need our cars to make it tougher!

So, embracing the seven-seater life is all about maximising space and keeping road trips with the kids simple. Need to take Grandma, Grandad, your little ones and the dog to a family event? These are the cars for you – and the best to make those journeys as easy as possible.


Fairly obviously, these cars are not small. They’re designed to maximise the space inside as best as possible for all the family. That means plenty of room not just for the second and third row of seats, but for the driver to get comfy too (after all, they’re doing the hard work!).

Traditional seven seaters are made up of three ‘rows’ of seats: front row (driver and passenger), middle row (with three seats) and the third row (with two seats) – not forgetting the boot behind. Carrying seven humans and their stuff means you need as much space as possible, but you also don’t want to struggle with parking or feel out-of-your-depth because of the size of the car. That means manufacturers have had to get clever when packaging their seven-seaters to keep everyone happy.

Shapes to suit all tastes

For that very reason, different car companies have gone down different routes for their seven seat cars. Some prefer long estates, some prefer SUVs, some choose to repurpose a van; whatever the shape, though, there are so many on offer now it means there’s sure to be something that suits your style needs.

Safety & running costs

Just like MPVs, seven seaters have got to be as safe and inexpensive to run. 

You wouldn’t want to put your whole family in a fast-moving metal box, for hours at a time, if it wasn’t safe for them. Right? Car companies know this so they’re throwing the kitchen sink at their seven-seat models to keep them safe.

Plus, with the whole family onboard, it could get expensive to run a larger car that’s constantly full and using all available power. That’s why choosing electric makes sense – it’s cheaper to charge and road tax (or Vehicle Excise Duty) is free. Win win.

Renault ZOE parked on street

So, let’s get down to business and highlight some of the best seven-seat electric cars.

The best 7-seater electric cars

We’ll prioritise the ones that are best at being seven-seaters – though we’ve got some for the style conscious drivers too.

Vauxhall Vivaro Life Electric

Yes, it’s basically a van, but if space for all the family and electric propulsion are the priority, look no further.

A Vauxhall Vivaro Life Electric parked charging by an office
SOURCE: Vauxhall

The headlines

Real world range
115 miles
134hp (all models)
Medium or Long wheelbase and up to 9 seats
5 stars (as previous)

What is the Vauxhall Vivaro Life Electric like?

Need to carry loads of stuff? Get a van. Need to carry loads of people? Get a minibus. What if you need both, all the time? Get a people-carrier like the Vivaro Life Electric.

Sure, it’s not glamorous, but it is based on a van… and it does have loads of seats (up to nine!) like a minibus. So in that respect, it doesn’t get much better than this. Don’t go in expecting sporty driving dynamics and you’ll likely quite enjoy driving one of these; the driving position, plenty of glass and boxy shape (being a van underneath) just means you get a great view of the road ahead, and plenty of space for everything you need. It’s not hugely quick and range is far from incredible… but, if short commutes with the whole village onboard are a regular occurrence for you, this might be the all-electric vehicle to go for.  

Vivaro Life Electric comes in: Combi, Design and Ultimate trim. All models have the same power output and can charge up to 101kW (meaning 10-80% in 26 minutes).

  • Combi comes with a 7” touchscreen, 3.5” digital instrument cluster and cruise control, along with 3x 12V sockets, air conditioning, electric heated mirrors and hill climb assist.
  • Design adds larger, more attractive alloys, tinted rear privacy glass, lane departure warning, rain sensitive wipers and rear parking sensors and a comfort seat pack.
  • Ultimate is the top spec variant with a leather steering wheel, keyless entry and start, automatic lights, more power outlets, front row heated seats and (most excitingly) additional rear air conditioning so your final row of passengers don’t get all stuffy back there.

Our favourite family feature: There’s not much worse than having bored children, right? The fast charging on the Vivaro Life Electric means not sitting around for too long – handy for when you’ve got the whole family onboard desperate to get moving again. Oh, and the middle row of seats can swivel to face the back row. Cool!

Mercedes-Benz EQV

Ever booked yourself one of those “luxury taxis”? It may well have been one of these…

A Mercedes-Benz EQV parked up
SOURCE: Mercedes-Benz

The headlines

Real world range
190 miles
201hp (EQV 300)
7 seats and some extra boot space
5 stars (as previous)

What is the Mercedes-Benz EQV 300 like?

The EQV takes the principles of the Vivaro Life, a van designed for people not just things, and makes it sexy. Sort of. This is a more premium take on of the Vauxhall and its siblings from Peugeot, though you will pay for it.

The Mercedes V-Class and Vito van has been hugely popular all around the world thanks to its reliability, decent enough handling (for a van!) and, above all else, refinement. It’s one of the quietest, smoothest and most comfortable people carrier offerings you can get in this segment, with a supple ride that caters for all our potholed roads can throw at it. Plus, because it only has seven seats (instead of the Vivaro’s 8 or 9) it means everyone gets that little bit more space. It’s noticeable, though, and there’s more room to put your things too. Not only that, a clever swivelling interior (with a moveable table!) means your friends and family will have the most relaxing journey ever. Probably.

EQV comes in: Sport, Sport Premium and Sport Premium Plus. All models have the same motor (named ‘300’) and can charge up to 110kW (meaning 10-80% in 41 minutes).

  • Sport comes with a split tailgate, electrically operated sliding doors, LED lights all round, front heated seats, a 10.25” touchscreen and blind spot monitoring and parking assistance with reversing camera.
  • Sport Premium adds heat-insulated privacy glass, a parking package with 360-degree camera, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, electrically adjustable front seats with memory, the rear-folding table with cupholders and an additional 12V socket.
  • Sport Premium Plus takes it that step further with AIRMATIC air suspension able to raise the car by 27mm when driving below 16mph (a must for VIPs, naturally!), larger more striking alloy wheels and a 15 speaker Burmester surround sound system!

Our favourite family feature: It’s got to be that table, surely? Shame it’s not available on the basic model, but at least the kids can play a board game in quiet while you’re on that really long trip! Though, we say quiet, do your board game nights always end in fights like ours do?

Mercedes-Benz EQB

For the fashion-conscious parents who need the extra seats occasionally…

Mercedes EQB driving
SOURCE: Mercedes-Benz

The headlines

Real world range
205 miles
225hp (EQB 300) 288hp (EQB 350)
Boot space
465 litres (5 seats up), 1320 (all seats down)
5 stars

What is the Mercedes-Benz EQB like?

Very different from the EQV above, that’s for sure! The EQB is an attractive seven-seater with a premium feel at its core, but it remains a boxy enough shape to be practical for most people.

This article is all about these EVs having seven seats and, although the EQB does, the rear two are only really suitable for children. If you’re likely to carry adults or loads of stuff in the back, all the time, you’d be better off with one of the others on this list. That said, if you want a comfortable, classy runabout while you’ve got younger children and need those extra seats, this would be a great choice. It’s smooth and there’s lots of adjustment in the regenerative braking too – it’s clear Mercedes have worked hard to make the EQB a great family companion.

EQB comes in: AMG Line, AMG Line Premium and AMG Line Premium Plus. All models have four-wheel-drive, with two power outputs – EQB 300 (225hp) or EQB 350 (288hp) – and can charge up to 112kW (meaning 10-80% in 29 minutes).

  • AMG Line comes with heated front seats, automatic climate control, various safety features (like active brake assist and blind spot assistance), two 10” displays for infotainment, cruise control, a reversing camera and rain sensing wipers
  • AMG Line Premium adds an electric panoramic sunroof, large AMG alloy wheels, keyless go, an augmented reality navigation system, wireless charging for your phone and an advanced sound system with 10 speakers.
  • AMG Line Premium Plus takes it that step further with electrically adjustable sport suspension, even larger AMG alloy wheels, electrically operated front seats with memory function, a 360 degree parking camera and heads up display.

Our favourite family feature: For both adults and children, the EQB score 90% safety rating in Euro NCAPs safety tests, making it one of the safest family chariots on the road. Plus, the two large infotainment screens are sure to impress the kids on the daily school run.

Tesla Model X

Want the driving joys of a Tesla but need the extra space? They’ve thought of that…

A Tesla Model X driving along a country road.

The headlines

Real world range
290-300 miles
676hp (Dual Motor) 1019hp (Plaid
Boot space
569 litres (5 seats up), 1637 litres (all seats down)
5 stars

What is the Tesla Model X like?

The Model S’ big brother, Tesla’s Model X is the largest SUV they offer. It’s got gullwing rear doors, huge power and plenty of space.

There have been a few variants of Model X over the years with the 7 seat one only coming out this year. All Model X’s have a huge spec list, with plenty of tech to keep everyone happy and that now famous premium driving experience. But what is it like day-to-day for families? The good news is, quite good. It’s not a conventional SUV but it still makes a great family car, with an airy, spacious cabin and lots of features to keep the whole family happy (thanks to Tesla’s amazing infotainment system). Plus, if you’re designated driver, it could just be the most entertaining seven-seater on the road.

Model X will come in: Dual Motor and Plaid variants, which refer mostly to the power of the motor. Each Model X is all-wheel-drive and can be designed uniquely to your tastes with various options. Choose from 5, 6 or 7 seat layouts (max 6 seats for Plaid) and different alloy options too.

  • As standard Model X comes with 20” alloy wheels, panoramic windshield, three displays (one digital instrument cluster, one 17” central tilting tablet and one for rear passengers (which you can use to watch films or game), tri-zone climate control, a 22 speaker audio system, automatic opening front doors and tailgate, wireless phone charging and USB-Cs.
  • You can add larger 21” wheels, enhanced autopilot (automatic lane changing, autoparking and a summon feature meaning you can call the car out of a parking space using your mobile phone), full self-driving capability and a premium connectivity package (for internet browsing).

Our favourite family feature: The round shape and huge panoramic windshield mean plenty of light floods the cabin; none of your passengers, adult or child, will feel claustrophobic in a Model X.

Peugeot e-Rifter

Like the larger Vivaro Life Electric but with the city in mind.

A Peugeot e-Rifter driving along a country road.
SOURCE: Stellantis/Peugeot

The headlines

Real world range
125 miles
134hp (all models)
Boot space
775 litres (5 seats up), up to 4000 litres (seats down)
4 stars

What is the Peugeot e-Rifter like?

If you and your family are usually found in a city, you might find the slightly smaller version of Peugeot’s e-Boxer van (which is basically the same as the Vivaro Life Electric above) to be the more suitable option. You can actually get this car in ‘Standard’ or ‘Long’ variants, but we’ll focus on the standard version as it’s a touch cheaper.

Its smaller dimensions mean it’s not only slightly more efficient (meaning a better range), but also better for the smaller streets. You do, naturally, pay the price for slightly less space on the third row of seats. Plus, if we’re honest, it’s not especially fun to drive. But it’s nippy enough for city streets and the well thought through cabin means it’s a perfectly viable option for growing families. You sit nice and high, have a great view all around you and it’s one of the most comfortable cars on the road right now (seriously!). And, let’s not forget, it’s one of the most affordable seven seaters too.

e-Rifter comes in: Standard or Long variants (which refer to the size of the car – you can have a “standard” boot or “long” one), each with Allure or GT trim. All models are front-wheel-drive with 134hp and can charge up to 101kW (meaning 10-80% in under 30 minutes).

  • Allure comes with air conditioning, electric handbrake, rear parking sensors, an 8” touchscreen with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, flexible seating layout and USB ports for the passengers.
  • GT adds automatic climate control, keyless go, a 180-degree reversing camera, alloy wheels, a 10” digital instrument cluster and leather steering wheel. 

Our favourite family feature: The flat floor means middle seat in the second row is genuinely comfortable and can be used every day (unlike most cars where the middle passengers have to squish in!).

Some noteable mentions…

Volvo EX90

A Volvo EX90 parked next to a lamppost charge point at it's launch
A Volvo EX90 parked.

A luxurious take on the family SUV. Minimal inside, but imposing outside, this should prove to be a popular model when it’s released to the world.

Volkswagen ID.Buzz

A Mercedes-Benz EQV parked up
A Volkswagen ID.Buzz parked.
SOURCE: Volkswagen

Always wanted a VW California but have been sat waiting for the right one? Maybe this is it, and it’s all-electric… Read more about the VW ID.Buzz on our MPVs page.

A Kia EV9 concept parked at a snowy glacier.

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