The easy way to charge on the go

Public charging your electric car (i.e. not charging at home) can take a bit of getting used to. You’ve got to work out where and when to charge and the network operators often have different requirements…

About elmo
About elmo

Introducing elmoCharge

We’ve simplified the charging experience for elmo subscribers by teaming up with fellow partners in pink, Paua – the UK’s largest charge point roaming provider.

Your elmoCharge card allows you to: 

  • Charge seamlessly at over 25,000 charging points across mainland Britain 
  • Access charge points from 20 leading network providers incl. Gridserve, Connected Kerb, Shell & Osprey 
  • Pay for all your charging through your elmo account

No more signing up to different providers accounts, no more having multiple apps and charge cards and no more hours sifting through receipts.


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Key features

  • Enjoy one card to access 25,000+ charge point connectors
  • Find your nearest electric charge points through the Paua App
  • Membership to the elmoCharge network is free for elmo subscribers
  • Pay-as-you-go seamlessly for your charging invoiced via your elmo account
  • Add it as a bolt-on to your Salary Sacrifice scheme to save 30-60% off the cost of charging
About elmo
About elmo

How does it work?

1. Find your elmoCharge card in your car glovebox

2. Download the Paua App & activate your card 

3. Locate a charge point near you via the Paua App 

4. Tap your card and follow the instructions on the charge point

5. Receive one invoice charged fortnightly via your elmo account 

Providers supporting the growing elmoCharge network

Like the sound of this?

elmoCharge membership is included as standard with every subscription. You’ll receive your card and instructions in your car or in the post when your car is delivered. Browse our range of electric cars to get started…



Do I have to pay for elmoCharge?

Yes. You will be charged on a pay-as-you-go basis. Standard network fees depending on where you choose to charge. The Paua App will tell you how much each charge point will cost per kWh. You will then be invoiced every two weeks by elmo There is no sign or subscription fee to use elmoCharge.

How many electric car charge points are there in the UK?

The public charging network is growing rapidly each year. As of November 2022, there are over 36,000 public charge points in the UK.  

Do I have to be a subscriber to use elmoCharge?

Yes, elmoCharge is only currently available for our active subscribers. Interested? Browse our range of available cars on subscription.  

Why should I use elmoCharge?

elmoCharge means you don’t have to have several network cards, or sign up for multiple accounts. One card with one login gives you access to over 25,000 charge points across mainland Britain. It’s the most convenient way to charge on the go.  

Do you share my personal data with Paua?

If you decide to activate your elmoCharge card, you will be required to agree to Paua’s terms and conditions and Privacy Policy. This is to ensure you are set up with a Paua account to get access to their charging network.  

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