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It’s our mission to make switching to an electric car smart, seamless and sustainable, for everyone. And charging is a big part of driving an electric car.

The UK’s network of public charge points is growing rapidly with now over 30,000 across the UK. It is now more convenient than ever before to charge while you’re on the road. 

But for total convenience and cheaper rates, it’s best to charge at home if you can.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Easee and AES to help you get set up for home charging. 

Introducing the elmo Home Charge offer

Thanks to our partnership with Easee and AES, you can buy an Easee One unit and have it fully installed at your home in just a few weeks from £949 with standard installation (RRP is £999)*.  

You can also choose payment options to spread the cost. 

* If your home doesn’t qualify for standard installation, AES will quote for additional labour and materials, and you can decide if you wish to proceed. 

Convenient charging

Charge from your home and whenever you need to from the Easee App

Cost efficient

‘Smart charge’ when energy prices are at their lowest

3-year warranty

As standard with every charger for your peace-of-mind

Easee One Unit being used by a woman

Key features of the Easee One unit

  • Efficient charging for all types of electric cars  
  • Sleek, attractive design which is weatherproof  
  • Smart charging from wherever you are via the Easee App  
  • 3-year warranty and continuous software updates

For more information, watch this interview with Fully Charged or read the full specification 

Easee One unit in Red

How does it work?

It’s easy to get set up and the AES expert team will be on hand to help you every step of the way.  

  1. Head over to our AES partner page and complete a short installation survey 
  2. Select any additional options you’d like to include, like extra cables or a new coloured front (to match your car!) 
  3. AES will review and send you a quote via email 
  4. Choose a payment option 
  5. Once happy, arrange a convenient time for installation with AES 
  6. Enjoy convenient and fast charging from your very own driveway! 

Why install a home charge point?

The cheapest and most convenient way to charge your electric car is at home. You can do this using a normal 3-pin plug, however it is much faster and safer to use a specially designed home charging unit.   

1. Cost efficient

Once installed, you only pay for the electricity you use to charge. Plus, if you have the right energy tariff, you can take full advantage of the greenest and cheapest energy rates by ‘smart charging’ when supply is high, but demand is low.  To find out how much it might cost to charge your electric car from home, head over to our charging costs page and use our calculator. 

2. Convenience

Charging at home is much more convenient than on the go. Think of it like charging a mobile phone. You charge up overnight, then top up during the day if you need to.  

While it’s often not necessary to charge every day, many drivers prefer to plug in whenever they leave their car, for peace-of-mind that their car will be ready for any unexpected journeys.  

3. Faster

3-pin plugs can be used to charge your electric car, but they can take a long time. For example, the Fiat 500e would take 14 hours to charge from 10-80%. By installing a home charge point, you can guarantee faster charge speeds.  

4. Safer

3-pin plugs are safe to use from home, however they cannot monitor or protect from overheating. They are not designed for continuous high-power usage – so can put strain on your socket if used regularly for long periods of time. Most manufacturers recommend using a home charge unit for that reason.   

About Easee

Founded in Norway, the world’s most advanced electric car market, Easee is a market-leader when it comes to car charging.  

The Easee One unit is one of the best value chargers currently available on the market. It’s a powerful 7kW electric car charger, which fits all types of electric cars with a Type 2 connector.

About AES

AES is one of the UK’s leading installers of renewable technologies – devoted to providing a best-in-class service.  

Their expert engineers are fully trained to ensure your home charge unit is safely installed – plus they’ll be on hand to show you exactly how it works.  

To find out more, head to their website 

Interested in a home charge point?

Contact us on hello@elmodrive.com for more information, or start your installation quote by heading to our dedicated AES partner page 


Do I need to install a home charge point?

The choice is yours. If you are lucky enough to have access to off-street parking, then home charging is a more convenient way to charge. It does however require a higher upfront payment for your unit and installation. Alternatively, the public charging network in the UK is growing rapidly and many of our subscribers rely solely on that without any issues.  

Will I save money installing a home charge point?

Whilst installing a home charge point has reasonably high upfront costs, it could save you money in the longer term as you can choose to charge over night when electricity tariffs are cheaper.  

Does Easee One require WiFi connectivity?

The Easee One charging robots are connected to the internet through local cellular networks. Or if there is no coverage, then a local WiFi network. This allows you to get software updates and remotely control your unit. 

Can I spread the costs of the charging unit and installation?

Payment options are available via AES to help spread the costs of the Easee One unit and installation fees.  

Is the Easee One unit safe?

Yes. It is a robust and weatherproof charge unit which works with both integrated type B RCD protection and open PEN conductor protection – meaning it complies with all UK regulations and standards. It also has temperature sensors to prevent overheating.  

Plus, the charging cables can be permanently locked in the box via your App for peace-of-mind.  

Does the Easee One come in different colours?

Yes. Black is offered as standard, but you can choose a different colour (to match your car!) as an additional option. Options include White, Anthracite, Red or Blue.

What is smart charging?

EV smart charging allows individuals to manage their charging station through their mobile device. It comes with various functionalities, such as scheduling a charge, setting a specific time for your vehicle to be fully charged, or giving a boost to the battery. It also provides users with access to their charging statistics. From June 30th, 2022, all EV home chargers sold in England, Scotland, and Wales must incorporate smart features, as per The Electric Vehicle (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021.

How much does an EV charger cost to run?

Assuming an electricity rate of 14p per kilowatt-hour, the cost of charging a 60-kilowatt-hour electric car completely would be approximately £8. This amount of charge could provide an estimated range of 200 miles. This cost of charging can be compared to the fuel cost of a combustion engine car, where getting 150 miles per gallon would require spending £1.35 per litre of fuel.

What do the power ratings of 3.6kW, 7kW, and 22kW mean in relation to car home chargers?

The power rating of a car home charger is measured in kilowatts (kW) and reflects the maximum amount of power that can be drawn from the socket at any one time. A 7kW home charger, for example, can charge an electric vehicle three times faster than a standard three-pin plug.

Which power rating should I choose for my home socket?

In the UK, the most commonly recommended power ratings for home charging units range from 3-7 kW. Single-phase (AC) electricity supplies are typical for most homes, and a 7 kW charger is within the capacity of such a system. However, there are homes with three-phase (AC) supply that can support more powerful chargers up to 22 kW. Regardless of the power rating, it’s crucial to ensure that the electrical fuse board can handle the additional load of a home charging station before installation, and this should be confirmed with the installer.

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