Citroën Electric Cars

We have a range of electric cars from Citroën available on our all inclusive monthly subscription model. Read on for more info on our range and Citroën’s history in the EV space.

Here is why a Citroën EV may be right choice for you

So, you’re looking to make the switch to an electric car, but you’re not sure which manufacturer is right for you. It may be that you’ve been driving a standard, fuel-based Citroën for some time now, or you’ve heard a lot of good things about cars from the French manufacturer thanks to its reputation for producing reliable cars with stand-out designs.

But Citroën also has a range of high-quality, dependable electric cars that have that same level of reliability and uniqueness that makes Citroëns so popular. So, for an affordable introduction to the world of electric, here’s why a Citroën EV might be just what you’re looking for.

Our range of Citroën electric cars

How long has Citroën been producing EVs?

Citroën has actually been developing electric vehicles for the past two decades, with the unveiling of the AX Electrique in December 1993. However, with the technology still a work in progress during the 90s, the AX Electrique had a top speed of 56mph and a 50-mile range, so it wasn’t ready for mass production.

In 2010, Citroën released the C-Zero, its first large-series-produced EV. Similar to the AX Electrique, the C-Zero had a range of just 55 miles but was marketed as a zero-emissions car perfect for city driving.

Now, as EV technology advances at a rapid rate, Citroën has a selection of electric vehicles that are affordable, fun to drive, and offer a great range.

What are Citroën electric cars like to drive?

Citroën electric cars are comfortable and convenient, providing everything you need for a smooth and relaxing drive, thanks to over 100 years of experience in the automotive industry. They’re practical and affordable, while still being loaded with the tech and features you’d expect from an electric car.

Citroën EVs have great range, meaning you have more time enjoying the drive than worrying about where the nearest charging station is.

What features come with a Citroën EV?

With great range and rapid charging, Citroën electric cars are a great introduction for those looking to make the switch to an EV.

With a 10-inch infotainment screen and other features including keyless entry and a heated steering wheel, comfort and convenience are the priority.

The ë-C4 has Progressive Hydraulic Cushions, an innovation from Citroën that provides a buttery smooth suspension by absorbing bumps from potholes and imperfections in the road.

How do Citroën EVs compare to its non-electric range?

Leaning on its century of experience in the industry, Citroën is known for producing stylish, reliable cars packed with unique touches and characteristics. In retaining these characteristics that made its petrol and diesel vehicles so popular, Citroën has also ensured that the comfort and enjoyment hasn’t been compromised with its electric cars.

In fact, with the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions and the extra weight of the electric car – thanks to the battery – the ë-C4 feels like a more smooth and stable ride than its fuel-based counterparts. And thanks to the instant torque, electric cars can provide a burst of impressive acceleration.

Overall, electric cars are also cheaper to run than their equivalent petrol and diesel models and are cheaper and easier to maintain due there being fewer moving parts. Same quality, improved performance and fewer expenses – what’s not to love?

What other benefits come with driving a Citroën EV?

As well as being significantly cheaper to run and maintain than their petrol and diesel counterparts, driving a Citroën electric car also comes with a number of other benefits, including:

  • Being exempt from road tax
  • Not having to pay congestion charges
  • Having access to a network of charging stations, including some free public stations

This is all, of course, on top of the fact that with zero carbon emissions, electric cars are also a more environmentally friendly alternative to standard fuel-based vehicles.

Why driving an EV is great

There are plenty of reasons why driving an electric car is great, and benefits not only you as the driver, but also the environment.

While Citroën produces great petrol and diesel cars, the benefits of an EV mean they’re the perfect choice for drivers looking to make the switch to electric:

  • There are far fewer moving parts in an EV, which means maintaining them is cheaper and there’s less that can potentially go wrong
  • Charging an EV is quick and simple – by using a rapid charge point, you can charge your EV’s battery to 80% in as little as 20 minutes
  • EVs are far kinder to the environment, and by using green energy to charge the battery they can be completely carbon neutral after manufacture
  • Compared to petrol and diesel, the cost of charging an EV is considerably cheaper than a tank of fuel

Citroën EVs on Subscription

Buying an electric car is expensive, and leases lock you into multi-year contracts that come with limited flexibility and penalties if you have to cut your contract short. As a result, both options can make driving an EV impossible for many.

However, with an EV subscription, there is no deposit required, and a flexible contract means you’re not committed to a three or more year agreement. You’re also free to make changes to your subscription at any time.

Your monthly subscription cost includes everything you need including insurance, MOT, servicing costs, breakdown cover and even replacing worn tyres. That means you can focus more on the benefits of driving electric, and less on the stress involved with complex leases or the depreciation of value.


How do you charge a Citroën EV?

You can charge your EV either at a public charging station or at home. You can install your own charge point, but it’s also possible to charge an EV with a standard three-pin plug. However, while a charging station can charge your EV in as little as 20 minutes, using a standard plug will take overnight.

How much does it cost to charge a Citroën EV?

Prices for charging an EV vary. Using a public charge point will cost around £11 for half an hour’s use, and charging your battery to 100% from home will cost approximately £8-15.

How does temperature and driving style affect a Citroën EV’s range?

Both the temperature and your driving style can affect your EV’s range. During extreme temperatures, the battery uses more energy trying to regulate the temperature of the battery and inside the cabin. Similarly, driving at high speeds or accelerating more aggressively will drain your EV’s battery quicker.

How will driving a Citroën EV differ to a conventional vehicle?

Driving a Citroën EV offers a smoother and quieter ride than other vehicle types. Thanks to the instant torque, you may also find it’s faster off the line, too.

How safe is it to drive a Citroën EV?

Just like any other vehicle, EVs are put through extensive and rigorous testing to ensure they’re completely safe.

Ready to drive your own Citroën EV?

Driving your own Citroën electric car couldn’t be easier. With a subscription through elmo, your monthly payment includes everything you need, from insurance through to breakdown cover. To see just how easy it is, check out our range of electric cars available right now.