Fiat 500e 

Looking for a reliable city car that’s fun and easy to drive, with the added benefits that come with driving an electric car? If so, then the Fiat 500e might be just what you’re looking for. It retains the stylish iconic design that makes the petrol model so appealing, which is perfect for navigating city streets.

One of the most affordable EVs available, the Fiat 500e offers great value. The Icon trim has a 42kWh battery, so charging 10-80% will take just 30 minutes. In fact, Fiat claims that, based on the average usage, just five minutes of charge per day is all that’s needed. That’s about the time it takes to grab a coffee or run to the loo.

It’s also pretty stylish and has enough tech to keep drivers entertained and safe on their travels. So, if you’re looking to make the switch to electric, the Fiat 500e is a good shout.

Fiat 500e driving to Borough Market in London

Try the Fiat 500e on an elmo subscription

Looking to buy or lease a Fiat 500e but worried about long contracts or expensive deposits? An electric car subscription is the perfect solution that will help you get behind the wheel of your very own Fiat 500e.

A subscription through elmo is fast, easy and flexible. Simply sign up for an account, pay your single monthly subscription fee, and we’ll deliver your EV straight to your door. Then, if you want to make changes or cancel your subscription, all you have to do is give us 30 days’ notice in line with your minimum term (60 days with elmoSave or 12 months with elmoSave). That way, you can drive a Fiat 500e for as long as you like, or switch it for one of the many other electric cars we have available.

A subscription also makes budgeting simple, with the monthly cost including everything you need:

  • Fully comprehensive insurance
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Vehicle excise duty
  • Congestion charges
  • Breakdown cover
  • Tyres (fair wear and tear)

Monthly costs start from just £429 per month and comes with an elmoCharge card, our public charging solution.

Fiat 500e driving to Borough Market in London

Fiat 500e La Prima vs Fiat 500e Icon

Both variations have many similarities, with a few key differences that could sway you in either direction.

Considering a Fiat 500e but can’t decide between the La Prima and Icon?

On the outside of the car, the Icon has a range of features including rain-sensing wipers, welcome lighting and one-touch windows. However, the La Prima has these plus additional features such as a panoramic sunroof, electrochromatic rearview mirror and chrome side mouldings.

The interior is a similar story. The Icon is packed with tech and includes automatic air-con, a 10.25” infotainment screen, dusk sensor, keyless start, brake assist, traffic sign information and more. However, the La Prima has the same range of features plus eco-leather upholstery, rear view parking sensor, voice recognition, and more to make driving just that little bit simpler.

The extra comfort and driver-assisting tech does come at a price. The monthly subscription costs for the Icon start from £429pm, whereas costs for the La Prima start from £479. However, the small increase in cost does give you a lot more to play with.

Fiat 500e La Prima – video walkaround

Considering the La Prima trim? Watch our no-frills guided tour from elmo’s resident EV Expert Josh, to find out more about the La Prima’s range, charging speed, plus interior and exterior features. Give it a watch below!

Fiat 500e range and charging info

If we’re being honest, the Fiat 500e doesn’t have one of the longest ranges available, so if you do a lot of long-distance driving then it might not be the EV for you. That being said, it still offers 145 miles of real-world range, which is still pretty decent if you spend most of your time in the city, commuting to and from work, and running errands at the weekend.

When the time comes for charging, with rapid charging you’ll fill the battery from 10-80% in 30 minutes. You’d likely benefit from having a charge point installed at home, but you shouldn’t have too many headaches if you rely on public charging stations.

The Fiat 500e uses a Type 2 CCS socket, or you can simply charge using any three-pin plug (but it takes a lot longer!). 

Fiat 500e interior

The Fiat 500e has plenty of features for you to play with that not only make driving more convenient, but also simpler and more fun.

The infotainment system has a 10.25-inch touchscreen and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The cabin is also home to a forgotten art – buttons. While a touchscreen is useful, the fact that the 500e has actual buttons makes simple tasks, like demisting your windows, as quick as – well, the touch of a button.

You can even display information, such as the map or battery power, on the central system behind the wheel, meaning you don’t need to take your eyes off the road.

There’s plenty of space in the front, but the back is a little less roomy – but unless you’re trying to regularly squeeze in three kids or half a rugby team, you should be just fine.

Fiat 500e exterior

One of the best features of the 500e is that classic Fiat 500 look that we’ve all known and loved since the 50’s! The electric 500 has been upgraded, to a more modern version – but its looks are unmistakable. 

The 500e also comes in a range of colours, from celestial blue, to rose gold and ocean green – meaning you can pick one to match your specific style.

Fiat 500e key features

Since it was first introduced in 2013, Fiat has continued to develop this generation of 500 into the affordable, convenient, and easy-to-drive city car that it is today.

Part of the appeal of the 500e is the range of features it has despite its affordability, which includes:

  • Speedy charging speed, giving you 30 miles of range in just five minutes
  • One pedal driving 
  • Fiat’s all-in app, which makes connectivity a breeze
  • It’s the only car in its bracket to include Level 2 Autonomous driving

For more info check out our blog post on the top 10 features of the Fiat 500e. These features are just some of the reasons why the 500e features on our top electric cars to lease list.

Fiat 500e driving to Borough Market in London

Lease vs subscribe

Electric car subscriptions are very competitively priced with leasing deals, which is why they are so attractive for many drivers. See how the Fiat 500e compares: 

FIAT 500e

* Compared against leading lease deals at 10,000 miles a year.
** Split monthly over 48 months.
*** Lease vs elmo comparison guideline only. May vary depending on model.

Is the Fiat 500e the right car for you?

Well, if you’re looking for an iconic city car, with an affordable price tag and decent charging speeds then the 500e could be the car for you. What it potentially lacks in range (though it’s fine for city living!) it sure makes up for in looks and style. 

Like the sound of that?

Book a Fiat 500e for just a minimum of 60 days on elmoFlex or save each month with our 12-month elmoSave subscription package. Give us 30 days’ notice to end your subscription after your minimum term, or swap to a new car. The choice is yours! 


Does the Fiat 500e have fast charging?

Yes, the Fiat 500e has fast charging, so will charge the battery from 10-80% in less than half an hour. Fiat claims that with average use drivers should only need to charge for five minutes a day.

How long does a Fiat 500e take to charge?

Charging the battery to 100% should take around 45 minutes. Just five minutes of charge will allow for 30 miles of range.

How long does the Fiat 500e battery last?

Fiat offer the 500e with a battery warranty of 8 years / 100k miles, promising a battery health of at least 70% of it’s original state after that time.

How many variations of the 500e are there?

There are currently two variations of the 500e, the Icon and the La Prima.

How does the 500e differ from the 500 version?

The 500e has all the style, functionality and handling of the 500, but with much more tech and the environmental benefits of driving electric.

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