Honda Electric Cars

We have a range of electric cars from Honda available on our all inclusive monthly subscription model. Read on for more info on our range and Honda’s history in the EV space.

Why an electric Honda should be your next car

Looking to make the leap to electric, but want something a little more bold and unique to drive around the city? If so, then a Honda electric car might be exactly what you need. With a stylish, retro design and technology-laden interior, the Honda e is a great choice for an urban electric vehicle.

Our range of Honda electric cars

How long has Honda been producing EVs?

Honda began developing their first EV back in the late 198os, and its first model was based on the Honda CR-X. However, at the time there were doubts over practicality due to the limitations of EV batteries.

However, Honda saw the potential in EVs, so grew its initially small team to over 100 employees. In 2010 it announced an all-electric Honda Fit, however, just 1,100 units were produced.

In 2020 the Honda e was released and was praised for being a solid city EV. With that, Honda had entered the modern EV scene and even announced that by 2o3o, all Honda cars released in China will be electric.

Why driving an EV is great

There are plenty of reasons why driving an electric car is great, and benefits not only you as the driver, but also the environment.

While Honda produces great petrol and diesel cars, the benefits of an EV mean they’re the perfect choice for drivers looking to make the switch to electric:

  • There are far fewer moving parts in an EV, which means maintaining them is cheaper and there’s less that can potentially go wrong
  • Charging an EV is quick and simple – by using a rapid charge point, you can charge your EV’s battery to 80% in as little as 20 minutes
  • EVs are far kinder to the environment, and by using green energy to charge the battery they can be completely carbon neutral after manufacture
  • Compared to petrol and diesel, the cost of charging an EV is considerably cheaper than a tank of fuel

Why is the Honda e Advance the perfect city car?

With fast charge times, great handling and nippy acceleration, the Honda e makes for a fantastic city car. It’s compact, powerful and offers enough supporting tech to help you get around safely, and then park it easily in tight spaces.

    What are the standout features?

    With a striking retro design, the Honda e is certainly eye-catching. However, while the exterior design may call back to a bygone era, the interior couldn’t be more different. Absolutely packed with technology, the interior could be compared to a sophisticated aeroplane cockpit more than it could an electric car. However, all the tech – included as standard – is there to improve the driving experience, making driving the Honda e exceptionally fun.

    As well as driver-assisting tech, it also includes a crash avoidance system and cameras for the rear-view and wing mirrors, so the tech serves important safety functions. This technology is known as Honda Sensing.

    And with plenty of torque, the Honda e will accelerate from standing to 100kmph in just 8.3 seconds. It also has 104 miles real world range.

      How does the Honda e compare to its non-electric / hybrid range?

      Honda has been producing motor vehicles since the 1940s, and so has decades of experience behind it when it comes to its EVs. Both its EVs and its non-electric cars – as well as motorcycles – are high-quality, reliable, and a joy to drive. If you’ve driven a Honda in the past, you can expect all the same functions with a Honda EV, only with more tech and money-saving advantages.

        Is the Honda e Advance the right choice for you?

        The perfect mix of retro and modern, the Honda E Advance is a fantastic city car. While it may not have the range of other EVs, it offers fast charge, plenty of power, and so much tech it makes the driving experience fun, safe, and rewarding. If this is what you’re looking for in an EV, then the Honda E Advance should tick all those boxes.

        At elmo, we have a wide range of electric cars available on subscription right now. If the EV you’re interested in isn’t available today, simply join the waiting list and you’ll be alerted as soon as it’s back.


          Is Honda Japanese?

          Yes, Honda is a Japanese automobile manufacturer that has been producing a range of motorcycles and cars since 1946.

          Is Honda going all electric?

          Honda has announced that by 2030, all vehicles sold in China will be all-electric. However, with the UK government banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, Honda may soon make a similar announcement for other countries.

          Ready to drive your own Honda EV?

          Ready to make that switch to electric and drive a Honda electric car? An EV subscription is easier and more affordable than ever before with a subscription through elmo. Check out our range of electric cars and see for yourself just how affordable it is.