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Honda really struck a chord with the motoring press when they released the quirky-looking Honda e electric car. Its cutesy looks, nippy acceleration and amazing turning circle make it awesome in town, but a less-than-ideal range and expensive starting price mean it’s quite a hard purchase decision to make with your head… though, of course, you could always lead with your heart instead.

Honda e range and charging info

The Honda e is best for towns and cities, not just because its range is at the lower end of the spectrum for modern electric cars (137 miles WLTP or about 100 miles in the real world), but also because of its awesome turning circle. It’ll turn tighter than a London cab!

Charging is okay, with a max charging speed of 46kW, which means it’ll match the Renault ZOE. That said, other rivals like the Vauxhall Corsa-e or FIAT 500e will charge faster, so they’d be better for you if you’ll rely heavily on public charging. Because of the relatively unimpressive real-world range, you may want to consider installing a charging station at home to avoid constant trips to a public charger.

The top spec ‘Advance’ version comes with a more powerful motor, heated windscreen and steering wheel, digital rear-view and wing mirrors, a premium stereo system and the ‘Honda Park Pilot Assist’ feature which parks the car for you… oh, and the dashboard turns into a fish tank (no, seriously – totally pointless, but amazing).

For more information, check out the review of the Honda e over on our blog.

Honda e interiors

The interior of the Honda e is described by Honda themselves as having, ‘a calm, spacious and contemporary interior [that] welcomes you and your passengers’. We’ll leave you to decide what that really means.

From our point of view, though, they’re definitely there with ‘spacious’ and ‘contemporary’. Despite being a small car, the cabin has plenty of head and leg room even for taller drivers, thanks to the open cabin and bench-style seating. It completely opens up the space and makes for an airy feel. Contemporary, too, with the two central 12.3″ touchscreens allowing for various information to be cycled through simultaneously by the driver and passenger (you can even switch the screens from one side to the other).

Space in the back is not too dissimilar to that of a Renault ZOE or MINI Electric, but be warned there are only two rear seatbelts (so it’s a strict four-seater). Plus, sadly, the boot is relatively small and with a large load lip to lift things over, this car is less practical than a Peugeot e-208 or the similarly priced Citroën e-C4.

But, despite the Peugeot having a stylish interior, neither of those cars meets the Honda e for wow factor. If you like standing out and having the latest tech, the Honda is where it’s at.

The interior of the Honda e, showing the screens across the dashboard and someone holding the steering wheel

Honda e exterior

From the outside, the Honda e has a cute retro style, but don’t let the appearance deceive you – it has plenty of modern features that make it a draw for drivers seeking tech. From flush door handles to cameras instead of wing mirrors, there’s more than meets the eye with the Honda e.

Honda e key features

We’ve already mentioned the two 12.3” touchscreens, which come with navigation and Apple CarPlay & Android Auto too, so you’re well equipped for tech.

The Advance model comes with a premium sound system, and all Honda es have a voice-activated “Personal Assistant” that can help you find a charge point or check the weather, though you could just look out the window for that.

Driving technology is vast too, with loads of safety kit thrown at it. Adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation, road departure warning, lane keeping assist, automatic high-beam headlights and low-speed braking control are all as standard.

The biggest ‘key feature’ is its other-wordly turning circle, making it amazingly easy to park and get around tight city streets. A U-turn in a Honda e takes up just 8.6 metres – that’s 1.5 metres less than the current London taxi.

The front of the Honda e, parked on an industrial estate

Is the Honda e suitable for you?

If you’re not looking to travel too far from home, and are happy keeping your driving strictly in and around the busy city, then the Honda e is a great choice – it even features on our list of the best electric hatchbacks for 2023. It’s packed with tech and its compact, retro design still allows for plenty of interior space. However, if you don’t have the option to install a charging station at home, or you spend a lot of time on the motorway, then you may struggle to get the most out of the Honda e, thanks to a range that doesn’t necessarily reflect its price tag.

Honda e FAQs

How much is a Honda e?

The cost of a Honda e starts from £36,920.

What is the range of the Honda e?

The Honda e has a range of 137 miles, or around 100 real-world miles.

How long does the Honda e take to charge?

The Honda e will charge in around six hours using a 7.4kW charge point.

What is the Honde e like to drive?

With nippy acceleration and a better-than-taxi-like turning circle, the Honda e is a fun and rewarding car to drive around the city.

Is the Honda e a reliable city car?

Yes, the Honda e is perfect for the city, however, if you do a lot of miles or motorway driving, the underwhelming range may make long journeys frustrating.

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