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At elmo, we provide a wide range of electric cars from different manufacturers to suit everyone’s style, budget and specification. From nippy city cars produced by Fiat and Renault, to premium performance models from the likes of Tesla and Polestar.

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Known for their stylish interiors and packed with tech, Audi electric cars are a great choice for drivers who enjoy the finer things in life. A relative newcomer in the electric car space, their e-tron model launched in 2019 certainly did not disappoint. They’ve maintained their reputation for producing comfortable, reliable and luxury cars. 


With a long history of producing high-quality cars, you can rest assured you’ll be getting a reliable, well-made motor if you choose a BMW electric car. Their EVs do not compromise on power or quality – the popular i3 model fetches a respectable 145 real world miles. 


Citroën have a reputation for producing reliable cars with stand-out designs. So if you’re ready to make the switch to electric, then a Citroën electric car could be a great move! 


Italian born Fiat have produced some of the world’s most iconic cars – packed with style and character. Fiat electric car’s are no different – great designs and respectable real-world miles make them a great option for many drivers. The iconic 500e has won several accolades since its launch in 2020 and with such an affordable price tag, we’re not surprised it’s so popular with our subscribers. 


Honda has been producing electric cars since the 40s, and have made a name for themselves for producing eye catchy retro designs. Although the real world range of their popular Honda e is nothing to write home about, sometimes style triumphs over substance!



Jaguar launched their first electric car in a big way – an all-electric SUV. Go big or go home right? Well they certainly didn’t disappoint! The i-Pace is a high performance, roomy SUV with a fantastic real-world range. Plus, they’ve committed to have an all electric fleet by 2025.


There are several Kia electric cars on the market, from the popular e-Niro, to the latest EV6 model. Whilst they don’t quite have the same kerb appeal as a Tesla or a BMW, they are reliable, affordable and have great real-world ranges – so they are not to be sniffed at. 


An iconic British brand now owned by BMW, MINI electric cars are a great choice for drivers looking for an EV that just looks like a ‘car’. You’d be hard-pressed to unpick big differences between their petrol/diesel and electric equivalents. That’s one of the reasons why we love them so much!


Once a household British name, but now owned by Chinese firm SAIC, MG electric cars have gone big in the EV space, with well made cars which are kind to your pocket and the planet. The MG5 was the world’s first all-electric estate and features all the gadgets you’d need, as well as one of the biggest boots in the EV market. 


Like many other car brands entering the EV space, Peugeot electric cars look and feel very similar to their ICE equivalents. This is great news for EV newbies who want a gentle transition. Their e-2008 and e-208 models are virtually identical to the combustion engine versions – just much kinder for the environment. We think these are great options for first time electric car owners. 


Scandi brand Polestar owned by Volvo cars are well known for their high-performance electric cars, rivalling the likes of Tesla and Audi. They combine luxury with lots of tech and have really made a name for themselves in the EV space. 


Renault have a relatively small number of electric cars on the market right now – however the ZOE is one of the most well known electric cars out there. In 2020, the Renault ZOE was the best selling EV in Europe. Like MG and Kia, Renault produce EVs that just look like cars, making the transition to electric a smooth one.


Tesla electric cars are probably one of the most recognisable brands in the world. Sleek, minimalist designs and performance that is rarely competed with, Tesla really have taken the EV world by storm. They have the best real-world ranges in the market, with the Model S reaching 405 miles on a single charge, closely followed by 360 miles on the Model 3.  


Vauxhall have a long history of producing cars in Great Britain and started their electric car transition in 2011. They now pledge to be a fully electric manufacturer by 2028. They currently have 8 electric models on offer, giving drivers a wide range of choice – from hatchbacks to crossover SUVs. 

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