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The MG ZS EV was MGs first UK release into the EV market. It has proven incredibly popular, particularly with the new updated Long Range version which gets you much further before needing to charge. Voted DrivingElectric’s Car of the Year 2022, the new MG ZS EV is now available on our all-inclusive subscription package.

We’ve made it simple, with no hefty deposits or long-term commitments. Just your own electric car, with a monthly rolling contract after the first 60 days, including (as standard):

  • Electric car hire 
  • Comprehensive insurance 
  • Maintenance and servicing  
  • Breakdown cover 

Book online today, get verified in 24 hours and get your MG ZS EV in just seven days (subject to availability)  

A seriously compelling package

MG started out making classic British sports cars in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, in 1923. Fast forward nearly a hundred years and they are committing to an all-electric future, with excellent results.

Often referred to as the best value electric car for families, the new model maintains the ZS’ popular SUV looks and practicality, while cramming in more user-friendly technology.

Range and charging

The latest MG ZS EV comes in two battery sizes (51kWh Standard Range or 73kWh Long Range) with a real-world range of 225 miles (60 more than the previous model).

It will charge at up to 94kW, meaning it will take just 37 minutes to get from 10-80% charge (or add approximately 160 miles of range).

Interior and trim levels

Inside, the MG ZS EV was made with families in mind, with a comfortable cabin and easy to use controls. Everything is clearly laid out, meaning using heating/infotainment controls while driving is easy.

Our versions of the MG ZS EV comes in two trims: ‘SE’ and the slightly upgraded ‘Trophy’. SE comes with ‘Houndstooth’ fabric seats and a leather steering wheel, with Trophy adding electrically adjustable, heated leather style front seats, a panoramic roof and wireless phone charger. All MG ZS EVs also come with automatic air conditioning, a 360-degree parking camera and 5x USB ports (3x USB, 2x USB-C) as standard.

Boot space is great, with 470 litres on offer seats up, and 1,100 litres seats down. For context, that’s 300 litres more than a brand-new Seat Arona SUV.

Key features

Both trim levels give you keyless entry with push button start as standard.

Both SE and Trophy trim also get you a 10.1” central touchscreen with Android Auto & Apple CarPlay, with access to the MG iSmart app (giving you remote control of the car’s charging status and air-conditioning).

‘Trophy’ also adds rain sensing wipers and blind spot detection.

Here’s a summary of the key features per trim:

Driving tech
Interior comforts
MG ZS EV SE Long Range
MG Pilot driver assistance (Adaptive cruise control, active emergency braking and lane keep assist) with digital driver display
5x USB ports, leather steering wheel and all-around parking camera with rear sensors
MG ZS EV Trophy Long Range
+ blind spot detection, rain sensing wipers and folding, heated door mirrors
+ 2x extra speakers, leather style upholstery, panoramic roof, electric leather heated front seats and wireless phone charger

Still want more information? Check out MGs website.

MG ZS EV with elmo cube
MG ZS EV Trophy Long Range

* Compared against leading lease deals at 10,000 miles a year.
** Split monthly over 36 months.
*** Lease vs elmo comparison guideline only. May vary depending on model.

Value for money

Our prices are competitive with some of the best lease deals you can find. And unlike lease deals, we don’t ask for a chunky deposit or lengthy contractual commitment.

That’s why our deals are the best in the market and our cars are in such high demand.


What is the servicing schedule for an MG ZS EV?

Every year or 15,000 miles.

What should the tyre pressures be for an MG ZS EV?

33 PSI or 2.3 BAR.

How much does it cost to charge an MG ZS EV?

All prices are using Zap Map’s Charging Calculator and BP Pulse free membership prices as of February 2023, charging the Long Range model from 20-80% (adding approximately 170 miles):

  • At home on a typical energy tariff, this would cost £6.05 (£8.06 to 100% charge)
  • On a 3kW slow public charger, this would cost £25.00
  • On a 7kW fast or 50kW rapid public charger, this would cost £29.00.
Are all MG ZS' electric?

No – MG also offer the ZS as an ICE (internal combustion engine) car with a 1.0, or 1.5 litre petrol engine.

Does the MG ZS EVs come with a charging cable?

Yes, all MG ZS EVs come with a Type 2 charging cable.

How far can the MG ZS EV go?

With the 51kWh standard range battery, 165 miles with real-world driving.

With the 73kWh long range battery, 225 miles with real-world driving.

How fast does the MG ZS EV Long Range charge?

The MG ZS EV Long Range takes roughly 37 minutes to charge from 10-80% at a rapid charger.

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