MINI Electric Cars

We have a range of electric cars from MINI available on our all inclusive monthly subscription model. Read on for more info on our range and MINI’s history in the EV space.

Why you should drive a MINI electric car

One of the most iconic British cars is undoubtedly the MINI Cooper, famous for its unique, compact design, and for being the choice of car for cockney criminals on the continent and of course Mr Bean.

But did you know the MINI has made the transition to electric? Now, those planning a heist can do so while saving money and the environment, while not having to compromise anything that makes the MINI so beloved.


Our range of MINI electric cars

How long has MINI been producing EVs?

The first electric MINI was the MINI E, and was released in 2012 as part of BMW’s Project i, a sub-brand that would focus on all-electric vehicles.

Following successful trials, the MINI Electric (aka the MINI Cooper SE outside of the UK) went into mass production in 2019. Based on the third-gen MINI Hatch, the MINI Electric also borrows tech from previous Project i cars including the BMW i3.

Why driving an EV is great

There are plenty of reasons why driving an electric car is great, and benefits not only you as the driver, but also the environment.

While MINI produces great petrol and diesel cars, the benefits of an EV mean they’re the perfect choice for drivers looking to make the switch to electric:

  • There are far fewer moving parts in an EV, which means maintaining them is cheaper and there’s less that can potentially go wrong
  • Charging an EV is quick and simple – by using a rapid charge point, you can charge your EV’s battery to 80% in as little as 20 minutes
  • EVs are far kinder to the environment, and by using green energy to charge the battery they can be completely carbon neutral after manufacture
  • Compared to petrol and diesel, the cost of charging an EV is considerably cheaper than a tank of fuel

Why MINI produces excellent EVs

While on the surface the MINI Electric may appear almost identical to the MINI Cooper, there are plenty of differences that mean the electric version stands above its classic counterpart.


  • They’re practical – compact yet roomy, all versions are great city cars
  • They’re affordable – not only is the cost of charging a MINI Electric much cheaper than a tank of fuel, but so are maintenance, insurance and tax
  • They are iconic – it wouldn’t be a MINI without its iconic design, albeit with some modern twists, including two-tone alloy wheels and tweaks to the badging
  • They’re great to drive – able to accelerate 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds and handles exceptionally well, driving a MINI Electric is a joy

    What are the differences between the MINI EV models?

    There are three MINI Electric models, each with subtle differences: 

    MINI Electric Cooper S L1 33kWh – A smart, compact city car with all the style of a classic MINI but with the benefits of driving electric

    MINI Electric Cooper S L2 33kWh – All the features of the L1 but with additional features including city pedestrian avoidance tech

    MINI Electric Cooper S L3 33kWh – All the features of the L1 and L2 but with even more additions, such as full leather interior and a panoramic sunroof

    If the model you’re looking for isn’t currently available through elmo, just sign up to the waiting list to receive a notification as soon as it returns to stock.

      MINI EVs on Subscription

      An alternative to buying is a MINI subscription through elmo.

      An elmo electric car subscription includes insurance, service, MOT, and breakdown cover costs, meaning driving a MINI EV of your own is more affordable than ever.


      How long has Mini been producing EVs?

      BMW has been developing an electric version of the Mini since 2012, with the Mini Electric going into mass production in 2019.

      Does an electric Mini have the same fun characteristics as their other models?

      Yes, the Mini electric has all the same character and charm as the classic Mini Cooper, but with all the advantages of an electric car.

      What are the differences between the Mini EV models?

      The Mini Electric is available in L1, L2 and L3, with each level offering a greater range of advanced features.