Polestar electric cars

We have a range of electric cars from Polestar available on our all-inclusive monthly subscription model. Read on for more info on our range and Polestar’s history in the EV space.

Why Polestar EVs are in pole position

Polestar is a Swedish electric car company, owned by Volvo Cars. Well known for their high tech, high performance cars, they are one of Tesla’s main competitors in the EV space. In their short life-span, they have firmly established themselves as one of the best names in electric cars.

If you’re looking for the power of a Tesla and the luxury of a Jaguar, but for a price that is more affordable, then a Polestar may be exactly what you need.

Our range of Polestar electric cars

How long has Polestar been producing EVs?

A relatively new name within the industry, Polestar was originally a model produced by Swedish manufacturer Volvo. The Volvo S60 Polestar was warmly received, despite only 100 models being produced. However, the following year the S60 and V60 Polestar were released in several markets.

By 2015, it was clear that Volvo was onto something special with the Polestar. As a result, Polestar became its own subsidiary and would undergo a rebranding to no longer carry the Volvo badge.

Now, despite being a newcomer to the automotive industry, Polestar is fast becoming one of the top brands for those looking to make the switch to electric.

Why driving an EV is great

There are plenty of reasons why driving an electric car is great, and benefits not only you as the driver, but also the environment.

  • There are far fewer moving parts in an EV, which means maintaining them is cheaper and there’s less that can potentially go wrong
  • Charging an EV is quick and simple – by using a rapid charge point, you can charge your EV’s battery to 80% in as little as 20 minutes
  • EVs are far kinder to the environment, and by using green energy to charge the battery they can be completely carbon neutral after manufacture
  • Compared to petrol and diesel, the cost of charging an EV is considerably cheaper than a tank of fuel
Polestar 2 parked outside a house

Why are Polestar electric cars so good?

For several years, Tesla was leading the way in the electric car industry, known for producing high-quality, luxury EVs that offered great range. However, those qualities were reflected in a high purchase price.

Now, as more manufacturers embrace the power of electric, that same quality can be near enough matched by others – and for a more affordable price.

Polestar is one of those manufacturers, producing fantastic luxury EVs loaded with tech, but for a price that is more attractive. In fact, on paper, there is very little to differentiate the Polestar 2 and the Tesla Model 3.

    How do Polestars compare to other EVs?

    As we’ve already highlighted, Polestar has already positioned itself as one of the top EV manufacturers in the industry. With comfort, luxury and technology all a key focus of Polestar electric cars, they’re a fantastic and affordable introduction for drivers looking to make that switch to an EV.


      Who makes Polestar cars?

      Polestar was once a model produced by Volvo, however in 2015 it split to become its own subsidiary. Polestar is now jointly owned by Volvo and Chinese company Geely Auto Group.

      Where are Polestar cars made?

      While originating in Sweden with Volvo, Polestars are now produced in Geely Auto Group’s Chinese facilities.

      Is Polestar Volvo?

      Polestar was originally a model of electric car produced by Volvo, however, in 2015 became its own subsidiary.

      When will Polestar 3 be available?

      Polestar will premiere the Polestar 3 in October 2022.

      Ready to drive your own Polestar EV?

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