Tesla Model Y

Tesla may be one of the newest big-name car manufacturers, but thanks to its hand in the development of EV tech, it’s quickly cemented itself as an industry leader.

One of Tesla’s most popular cars is the Model Y, which offers the same quality and many of the same features and functionality as the Model 3, only in SUV form. That means, the Tesla Model Y provides fantastic performance and range, with the added bonus of a family-friendly interior with plenty of legroom, even in the back.

So if you’re looking for a brilliant all-round EV with a few extra luxurious features, the Model Y might be exactly what you’re after. It even features on our list of the top luxury electric SUVs.

A Tesla Model Y parked in the desert.

Try the Tesla Model Y on an elmo subscription

The Model Y is a fabulous EV, offering great range, strong performance, high-tech entertainment and driver-assist features that make it a safe, simple and rewarding car to drive. Unfortunately, if you’re hoping to buy the Model Y, this luxury comes at a cost, with prices starting from £44,990.

If you’re looking to drive the Model Y but with none of the long-term restrictive commitment that comes with buying or leasing, an electric car subscription through elmo is a flexible and affordable alternative.

With an EV subscription, you simply pay one monthly cost which includes everything you need to drive the car, including:

  • A fully flexible contract after the first 60 days (on elmoFlex)
  • Your Tesla Model Y delivered directly to you
  • Fully comprehensive insurance
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Breakdown cover

With a subscription, there are no hidden costs or expensive multi-year leases, so it’s easier for more drivers to make the switch to electric. To start your Tesla Model Y subscription, just sign up through elmo and make your booking. Within 24 hours our team will verify your account, then after just seven days (subject to availability), your Model Y will be delivered straight to your door. Once you’re ready to return your Model Y or switch it out for another make or model, all you have to do is give us 30 days’ notice after your minimum term and we’ll come and collect it.

Tesla Model Y range and charging info

Tesla claims the Model Y has a range of 331 miles, but the real-world range is a lot closer to 270 miles. But, 270 miles is still not to be sniffed at, and means you don’t need to worry yourself with range anxiety. The Model Y is a great car for commuters who spend a long time on the road. If you have a charge point installed at home, the fantastic range means you might not even need to use a public charger at all – or at least infrequently.

When the battery does get low and it’s time to charge, the Model Y has a max charging speed of 250 kW and Type 2 and CCS connectors. This means, with rapid charging, you can charge the battery from 10% to 80% in less than half an hour.

When you drive a Tesla, you also get access to the Supercharger network, so you can access more than 45,000 Superchargers. In just 15 minutes you can charge the battery enough to give you up to 172 miles of range.

Model Y exterior

The Model Y has a stylish and modern SUV design, almost like a bigger, stretched version of the Tesla Model 3. It’s a car that makes a statement and offers luxury that doesn’t cut any corners.

Despite the huge interior, visibility is comparatively limited out of the back windows, which is more than made up for thanks to several excellent cameras, including a 360 camera, which makes parking quick and easy.

It also has electric-assisted front and rear doors, blind spot monitoring, auto-dimming and heated wing mirrors, automatic headlights, rain-sensitive windscreen wipers and more.

Model Y interior

Being an electric SUV, the Model Y has plenty of space for you and the family, with a massive 854 litre boot that means you’ll fit plenty of luggage, shopping, golf clubs, and more in the back with room to spare. The back seats also ensure that even tall passengers will have enough room for their long legs. With a high driving position, it provides better visibility of the road for both drivers and passengers.

On the tech front, there’s a centralised 15-inch touchscreen that allows you to control everything in the car. With not a single button to be found, it is something of a learning curve, but has lightning-fast responsiveness and great graphics, making it one of the best infotainment centres on any EV available today.

For added comfort, there are heated front and rear seats, a heated steering wheel and auto dual-zone climate control system. And for safety, there’s collision warning, brake assist, electronic stability control, emergency braking and more.

Tesla Model Y key features

The Tesla Model Y is absolutely loaded with tech. From gadgets to help improve the driving experience, such as a 360 camera and collision avoidance, to gizmos that enhance comfort, such as heated seats throughout. While some features straddle the line of being a gimmick, such as the lack of buttons on the infotainment centre, it has plenty to keep you busy.

The Model Y isn’t the most expensive EV on the market, but it is a top-of-the-range electric car if you have a more generous budget.

Lease vs subscribe

Being a premium electric SUV, the Tesla Model Y is a popular choice for drivers who want to make the switch to electric. However, because of its high purchase price, it can be out of reach for many.

Two options that enable more drivers to get behind the wheel of a Model Y are leasing and subscribing. Both offer more flexibility and affordability than buying – but which is the right option for you?

Tesla Model Y

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Tesla Model Y

* Compared against leading lease deals at 10,000 miles a year. ** Split monthly over lease period.

Read our complete guide to leasing vs subscribing to get all the info before your commit to either one. 

Is the Model Y suitable for you?

The Tesla Model Y is a stylish, roomy, and tech-filled electric SUV. It also has great range and gets you access to the Supercharger network. What’s not to love? It may be a fantastic EV, but the cost can put some drivers off, particularly when it comes to buying.

If you do a lot of miles, have a growing family and have the budget available, the Model Y should be one of your considerations for your next electric car.

Like the sound of that?

Book a Tesla Model Y for just a minimum of 60 days on elmoFlex or save each month with our 12-month elmoSave subscription package. Give us 30 days’ notice to end your subscription after your minimum term, or swap to a new car. The choice is yours! 


How much is a Tesla Model Y?

The cost to buy a Tesla Model Y starts from £44,990. With a subscription through elmo, monthly all-inclusive costs start from as little as £1,299.

What is the range of the Tesla Model Y?

Tesla claims the Model Y has a range of 331 miles, however, the real-world range is around 270 miles.

How long does the Model Y take to charge?

Using a Type 2 connector the Model Y will take around eight hours to charge. With a CCS supercharger, it’ll charge in less than 30 minutes.

What is the Model Y like to drive?

Thanks to its range of driver-assist and safety features, the Model Y is glass-smooth, fun, and easy to drive.

Is the Model Y a good city car?

There’s some limited visibility out of the back, but a range of cameras make navigating and parking in the city simple. Thanks to its great range the Model Y is also useful for drivers who spend a lot of time commuting.

Is the Tesla Model Y reliable?

As the Model Y borrows a lot of the same tech as the Model 3, it’s a reliable and dependable electric car.

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