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How to activate your elmoCharge card


If you choose to use our elmoCharge public charge cards, you’ll need to follow these steps to get your card activated.  

  • All new cars will be delivered with an elmoCharge card in the glovebox. For existing subscribers, we will post one to you upon request.  
  • Click for more information about elmoCharge and our partnership with Paua 
elmoCharge card in use at a public charge point

To activate your card:

1. Complete this short online form 

a. Enter your name and email address 

b. Enter your card code (found on the back of the elmoCharge card) 

c. Upload a picture of the back of the elmoCharge card 

d. Agree to elmo & Paua’s Privacy Policies 

e. Submit 

2. Your request will be processed by Paua, who will send you a temporary password to login to the Paua App. This will be done within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.  

3. Download the Paua app via the App or Play Store. 

4. Enter your email address and temporary password 

5. You’ll be asked to create a new password 

6. You’re all set!  

7. Search the Paua App for your nearest charge point and tap to get charging  

For lost and stolen

If you misplace or your elmoCharge card is stolen, please contact us on or 0330 165 4945 so we can deactivate your card and process a replacement.  

Any Questions?

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