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EV Hire Benefits

Despite growing awareness for the benefits of EVs for the environment and clean air in cities, many people are still choosing a petrol/diesel as their next car. This is understandable (we’ll explain why below) but in short, it’s because most people aren’t aware that the best way to get an electric car and enjoy all its benefits is through a monthly rental or hire agreement.

EVs aren’t cheap to buy

As an upfront purchase, whether you’re buying out right or putting down a deposit on a lease, EVs tend to be more expensive than equivalent petrol/diesel models. This then has to be weighed against the running cost savings of driving an EV. In most cases, EVs are cheaper to run because energy is cheaper than fuel (especially if you can charge at home on the right tariff) and, with fewer moving parts, the maintenance costs tend to be much lower. You can read about all the potential benefits of EV driving on our blog here.

But the problem is that all these potential benefits are too abstract and distant when compared to an imposing bill to pay straightaway. (On average, electric cars are £5,000-£10,000 more expensive than equivalent petrol/diesel models.)

There’s a way to enjoy running cost savings from Day 1

The upfront cost problem is why you should consider hiring an EV on a monthly rental subscription. When you rent an EV on a platform like elmo, there’s no hefty deposit to pay so you can enjoy the running cost savings the moment you start driving the car.

Added to this, the monthly hire cost usually includes insurance, maintenance and breakdown cover as standard. On elmo, there’s even a carbon offset contribution included to offset manufacturing emissions. So, you’ll be planting trees while you drive as well as producing zero CO2!

Try an EV on Hire for a few months

Another advantage of renting an EV on a monthly subscription is that the contract is flexible. If you don’t like the car or it doesn’t fit your lifestyle as you need more battery range, then you can hand it back and try a different one.

If you’re interested in unlocking the benefits of a monthly EV rental, you can view, register interest and book our available EVs here

Or email us any questions on hello@elmodrive.com



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