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What is elmo?

How does an elmo subscription compare with renting, leasing and buying?

​We don’t think you should have to pay a premium for flexibility. That’s why we combine the affordability of a traditional lease with the flexibility of a subscription (and without any huge upfront payment).

You can end subscription or swap car after your chosen minimum term – just give us 30 days’ notice beforehand and we’ll make it happen. Also, with elmo – unlike a lease – the advertised monthly price includes insurance, maintenance, breakdown cover as standard.

We can also help with charging (at home and on the go) depending on what you need.

What are the benefits of a car subscription?

Simply put, there’s no big deposit to pay, no lengthy contract to get tied into and everything is included in the price. You don’t have to worry about extra costs or the hassle of running your car, as our dedicated Fleet Support team are on-hand to help. Compared to other ways of getting an electric car, like leasing or financing, it’s convenient, flexible and affordable. Read more about the general benefits of electric cars.

What cars are available?

We provide pure electric vehicles only – from city cars to premium SUVs, we aim to offer a wide range of makes and models, both new and used, so that anyone can find a car to suit their lifestyle. You can view our available cars here.

Who am I getting the car from?

We buy vehicles directly from manufacturers or through our network (for used cars). All our cars are quality and safety checked to the highest standards and your vehicle handover specialist will conduct a walkaround with you when you receive the car, to check you’re happy.

Who can use elmo?

We want as many people as possible to drive an electric vehicle as soon as possible. But for some people the EVs on the market right now will not suit their lifestyles. We encourage people to take our Electric Car Suitability Tool to find out what could work for them.

At the moment, we can only allow drivers aged over 25 years old (or 30 for cars in ABI group 31 or above), who have held a UK/EU full license for at least 3 years (or 5 years for some cars). When browsing our cars, you’ll be able to see all age requirements and our full eligibility criteria is here

Do you accept automatic only driving licences?

Yes, as all electric vehicles are automatic, you can drive with elmo if you have a full automatic only licence (i.e. you’ve passed your driving test and are not a provisional licence holder).

Do you supply a physical car key with the car?

Yes, all of our cars come with a physical key. You’ll receive the main key, with the spare one being held securely at our vehicle base for security purposes.  

How does elmo work?

What is included in the subscription?

We offer ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ (TCO) subscriptions. This means that included in the monthly price of your vehicle, you also get: comprehensive insurance, servicing and maintenance, breakdown cover, vehicle excise duty, tyre maintenance and dedicated access to our EV Specialists, who can help you with your car. You can then choose to include public charging and additional drivers to your subscription, too. You just choose which parts of the bundle work for you.

Can I choose which services I add to my subscription?

Yes, of course. We have assembled a selection of market leading partners to create the ultimate electric vehicle bundle. However, we want you to have maximum flexibility, so ultimately, you are in control of your bundle. All the prices you see displayed include the monthly cost of the vehicle, comprehensive insurance, servicing and maintenance, breakdown cover, vehicle excise duty and tyre maintenance. Plus, you’ll get dedicated access to our Fleet Support team and EV Specialists, who can help you with your electric car. You’ll also be able to add up to two additional drivers and make use of our two charging options for home charging and public charging.  

What is Total Cost of Ownership and why is it important?

Total Cost of Ownership is every pound you spend on your car added up: from purchase price to fuel. Electric vehicles have considerable running cost advantages, especially when you don’t buy or lease one (where you have to pay a large upfront cost or deposit) and can benefit from these savings from the first day of driving. ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ is not only convenient for people when budgeting, but it’s also a great way to properly compare the true cost of owning an EV over a diesel or petrol car. So, for us, it’s an important way of spreading the good word about EVs.

What is elmoSave?

elmoSave gives drivers the option to lock in for longer to save money on their monthly subscription. The minimum term is 12-months so you can give your 30 days’ notice to swap or stop during month 11. You get a better price but still enjoy all the benefits of our all-inclusive package.

What’s the difference between elmoFlex and elmoSave?

If ultimate flexibility is your bag, then elmoFlex is for you. With just a 60-day minimum term, you can swap to another electric car or stop with just 30 days’ notice. Perfect for drivers who don’t need a car 365 days a year.

elmoSave allows you to commit to a 12-month minimum and enjoy our best pricing. Great for drivers who need a car full-time and want the convenience of an all-inclusive package.

Can I start with an elmoFlex subscription, then swap to elmoSave?

Yes, you can! We know a new car is a big commitment – that’s why our subscriptions are so flexible. So, if you want to try elmo for a bit first or want to see if a particular car is right for you, you can start on an elmoFlex subscription then speak to one of our team to swap to an elmoSave subscription.

Can I get an elmo subscription if I have points on my licence?

Our eligibility criteria has the full details; you’ll need to have no more than 6 penalty points (endorsements) on your driving record to get an elmo subscription. This includes any additional drivers, too.

Can I get an elmo subscription if I have a poor credit score?

We will perform a soft credit check on you when make a subscription booking – this may appear on your credit report but will not affect your score or your ability to get credit in the future. This is not usually an issue, but if we’re not able to proceed with your subscription we’ll tell you straight away and refund your initial payment in full. You can check our affordability policy for more information and advice. 

Does elmo have an app?

Yes – the elmo Claims App is the tool our subscribers use to alert us of any incidents they have in their elmo car.

We hope you never need it but, if you do, it’s the fastest and easiest way of getting us all the information we need, should you be involved in any incidents. You can download the app from the Apple App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).

Building your Subscription Bundle

Can I commit for longer to pay less each month?

Yes! With our elmoSave subscription package, you can commit for 12-months and get access to our cheapest monthly rates.

Am I able to choose the colour of the car?

Yes. When you’re booking your car on the website, you’ll be able to choose from the different colours available. As car availability changes quickly, it’s possible that you may need to wait a week or two longer for the colour you want, but the website will show you when each colour is available. If you can’t see the colour you want on the website, that means we either don’t stock that colour or none of those cars are currently available (you can speak to our EV Specialists on our webchat to find out when).

Can I add an additional driver to my subscription?

Yes. You can add up to two additional drivers to your subscription for an extra £10 per month per driver. They will be covered under the same comprehensive insurance policy as you, but you would still be deemed the main subscription holder.

Do I need to add a public charging membership?

No, if you’re not likely to use public charging very often, then don’t waste your money! Stick to using your home charger and, if you are caught short on a rare longer trip, just make sure you go to a charger that accepts contactless (otherwise you may need to download an app for that specific charge provider). Our elmoCharge  solution gives subscribers access to over 20,000 charge points across mainland Britain, via over 20 network providers including Connected Kerb, Shell, and Osprey. Membership to the network is free and once your card is activated, simply pay-as-you-go for your charging.   

Why should I organise public charging through elmo?

If you decide you do need public charging elmoCharge is a great solution. One card gives you access to over 20,000 charge points across mainland Britain, with over 20 network providers including Connected Kerb and Shell. Plus, with the App, you’ll be able to search for your nearest charge points 

I’ve received an elmoCharge card in my car, but how do I activate it?

Simply head over to our activation page, fill out our short form and you’ll be guided through set up. Once you’ve been set up, you can use the Paua App to search for your nearest charge point, and off you charge! 

Click for more information on elmoCharge.

Do I need to get a home charge point?

If you have off-street parking, you can arrange to have a smart home charge point installed or, if your car comes with a 3-pin cable, you can charge (quite slowly) using a normal domestic plug socket. A home charge point will charge your car more quickly and safely; it will also give you the ability to remotely control your charge point, so you can charge when electricity is cheap and green. Otherwise, you can rely on the fast, rapid or ultra-rapid chargers in your local area (type your postcode into ZapMap to have a look).

How much is elmo's insurance?

Our fleet insurance is provided by NIG (part of Direct Line Group). We include the cost of insurance in the advertised price of the car subscription.​

Can I use my own insurance?

We don’t offer the option to take out your own insurance cover. All subscriptions you see advertised on our website include comprehensive insurance as standard in the price.

Is breakdown assistance included?

Breakdown cover is included as standard in your subscription. You can call call elmo Breakdown Assistance on 0333 070 2788 or visit our Emergency Guide or Contact Page for more information or help.

Does elmo offer hybrid cars?

No, all of our cars are fully electric BEVs (or Battery Electric Vehicles).

Can I add extra miles to my package?

Yes! Our standard monthly package includes 800 miles which are rolled over. That means you need to average at 800 miles per month over your entire subscription term. But we do offer mileage bolt ons for 1,000 and 1,200 miles. For more information, head to our How mileage works page. 

On the Road

I've got a puncture/the tyre tread is too low on my car. What should I do?

If your elmo car has a puncture, you should look to replace the tyre as soon as possible. This will need to be a like-for-like premium tyre, or be the same as other tyres on the vehicle.

If your tyre is worn and needs replacing due to low tread depth, you should call us on 0330 165 4945, in office hours, and press option 5. This will take you through to our preferred supplier, KwikFit, who will assist you.

I've broken down. What should I do?

If you’ve broken down, firstly you should make sure that you (and any passengers and/or other members of the public) are safe and then that the vehicle is secure. You should then call elmo Breakdown Assistance on 0333 070 2788. This is operated by our partners at the RAC and they’re available 24/7. They will be able to help you with your electric car, though if they’re unable to offer assistance over the phone or at the roadside, they will tow your vehicle to the nearest garage, or back to your home.

I've been in an accident. What should I do?

First, make sure that you and any others involved in the accident are safe before doing anything else. If anyone is injured, call the emergency services and follow their advice. If you are unable to move the vehicle to a safe place, then you should call the police so that they can block off the road. Once you and the vehicle are safe, you should view our Emergency Guide and follow the instructions there.

This includes details on how to submit the information through the elmo Claims App, as well as how to inform our insurance company of the incident or get your vehicle recovered out of office hours.

The car needs repairing. What should I do?

If the car needs repairing, then just give us a call on 0330 165 4945. We can assess the problem over the phone and organise a repair at one of our nearby partner garages. All you need to do is then take the car to the repair centre on the specified day.​

How do I report an incident?

You should report an incident using the elmo Claims App. You can download the app from the Apple App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android). 

It will tell you what specific information we need and give you guidance on how to keep everyone safe, after the incident. It’s the easiest way to handle and process any claims with your elmo car, as we’ll have all the correct details in one place. 

We recommend you download the app when you sign up for a subscription with us, so it’s ready in case of an emergency.

What if my elmo car needs a service or MOT?

As your subscription includes routine servicing and maintenance, if your elmo vehicle needs a service, our Fleet team will ask you to complete a request on the Service Booking Portal. 

You’ll be asked to enter your vehicle registration, your details and select what you need: a service, MOT or both. 

So our service partners can locate you to our preferred service provider, you’ll also need to enter your address. Our providers will then arrange the service with you and sort everything else. Our Fleet team will be available to assist should you need any help with the online form.

Picking up & Returning your Car

What if I don’t like the car I’ve subscribed to?

You can return your car or swap to a different one at the end of your minimum term. You just need to give us 30 days’ notice in advance. This would end your subscription, and you can walk away. We also offer the statutory 14 day cooling period as written in our Subscription General Terms. But, you also swap your vehicle to a different one – we want you to enjoy driving your electric car, so if that one isn’t working for you, why not try another? Speak to our EV Specialists via email (hello@elmodrive.com) or over our webchat to find out more.

Can I collect my vehicle?

At the moment, we only deliver to your address.​

Can I have my vehicle delivered?

All our vehicles are delivered to your work or home address (whichever you enter during sign up). There is a flat delivery fee of £119 for drivers in England and Wales. Cars delivered to Scotland will pay an extra delivery fee – you’ll be able to calculate your additional fee by entering your postcode during the subscription booking form.

How do I arrange timing for delivery?

We aim to make this process as easy and convenient for you as possible, so you can choose between an AM (08:00-13:00) or PM (13:00-18:00) delivery slot when making your booking online.

Do I have to carry out an inspection?

Our fleet partners will have inspected the vehicle before it is delivered to you, but they’ll walk around the vehicle with you when it’s delivered to produce a delivery inspection report (which you’ll need to agree to and sign). They will then inspect it again upon return to check for damage against our Fair Wear & Tear policy, which will be settled in the final bill. We do advise you to carry out your own inspection and take photos in case they have missed anything – you can email these to hello@elmodrive.com to make sure we’ve got a record of it.

Can I return the car if I change my mind?

You can change your mind within 14 days of making the initial booking and 72-hours after receiving the car (if you receive it after the 14-day cooling off period has ended). You will just be charged a pro rata amount for the days you’ve had the car. After this cooling off period, the earliest you can hand back the car or swap is after your minimum term (either 60 days, or 12 months depending on your subscription package) by giving us 30 days’ notice in advance.

If you change your mind and would like to return the car before your minimum subscription term is over, that’s fine – we will recalculate the price based on your new subscription length for the time you have had the vehicle. This means that your final bill will account for the higher rate for all the preceding bills.

Can I return my car in the middle of a monthly cycle?

Yes, no problem! You just have to give us 30 days’ notice to return the car in line with your subscription minimum term (either 60 days or 12 months minimum term). Once you’ve let us know that you want to return the car, we will then recalculate your next monthly bill to account for only the days you will use the car in that billing cycle. For all the information about ending your subscription, check out our guide here.

How do I return my vehicle?

When you decide to end your subscription, you’ll need to give us 30 days’ notice before the end of your minimum term (60 days on elmoFlex, 12 months on elmoSave) in the elmo dashboard. Simply login, click on subscription, then end subscription. You’ll be asked to choose a pick up date that suits you best.

Collection will be billed at the same rate as our delivery costs and added to your final bill.

Am I responsible for the maintenance of the car?

All our cars are exceptionally well-maintained and will come to you in excellent condition. While on subscription with us, if your vehicle needs a service, we will contact you to arrange. We cover the payment of the service as part of your subscription. On returning your car, it is your responsibility to hand it back in the condition you received it. We do, of course, expect there to be some wear & tear from everyday use; you can see full details of our Fair Wear & Tear policy.

Do I need to clean the car before returning it?

​Yes. The car will be valeted before we give it to you and we’d like it returned in the same condition. If the car is not well-maintained, we may have to charge you in your final invoice. Don’t worry, though, we’ll explain what you need to do when you’ve arranged your collection date.

Do I need to clear my personal data from the car before returning it?

Yes please! A £15 admin fee will occur otherwise. Data includes Bluetooth mobile connections, saved contacts, saved map locations in the car’s sat nav and any other personal information you’ve stored in the car. Clearing this data can be done within the car settings. If you need help with this, please contact our support team at .

What does elmo do with my driving data?

All of our cars come with telematics devices fitted, including a forward facing dashcam (no sound or internal footage is recorded). The system automatically monitors your driving behaviour and calculates a monthly driving score, which you can see online in your elmo dashboard.

Our Fleet team may reach out to you with guidance on how to improve your score if it drops too low. The team may also investigate any driving behaviour that puts you, your car or others at risk. We wouldn’t terminate a subscription based on driver score alone, but we may take steps to collect your car if it’s found that you are in breach of your terms and conditions.

For more information, see our privacy policy.

Are there cancellation fees if I terminate my contract early?

Yes, we do charge cancellation fees if you choose to handback your car before the end of your contract.

elmoFlex: £199 – applies to 60 day minimum contracts
elmoSave: £750 – applies to 12 month minimum contract

Electric Cars General

What are the benefits of driving an electric car?

The benefits will vary from person to person – that’s why we built our Electric Car Suitability Tool to help each individual see how much they could save. In general, driving an electric car has the following benefits: save money on fuel, save time by charging at home overnight, reduce your carbon footprint, enjoy the latest technology and worry less about breakdowns (electric cars are mechanically much simpler than petrol or diesel ones). We wrote a blog article on exactly this question which you can read here.

How do I charge an EV?

The cheapest and most convenient way to charge is at home with a home charge point – you’ll need to have that installed by a professional. You can, however, use a normal 3-pin plug, though this is much slower. You can also charge at the fast-growing number of public charge points around the UK; some of these chargers will require you to sign up to their services in an app or online prior to charging, while others will let you pay using a contactless payment card. Your elmo car will come with the cables you need to charge it. Charging is very easy once you get used to it, but we understand that it can be a bit scary to begin with, so we wrote our EV Charging Guide to help. Our Electric Car Jargon Buster will help you get to grips with the different charging terminology, too.

Are electric cars really greener than normal cars?

Pure electric cars produce ZERO tailpipe emissions (no CO2 or other nasty particulates), but the manufacturing process is still carbon intensive. You can get more information about electric cars and the environment by reading our blog post here. That said, during everyday driving, electric cars are considerably more environmentally friendly. This is why many places in the UK, like London, Bath, or Birmingham for example, are introducing ‘ultra-low-emission zones’ to help clean up the air pollution from vehicles in built up, highly populated areas.

Can I get electrocuted by an electric car?

Electric vehicles comply with the same rigorous health and safety standards that petrol and diesel cars do. The chances of electrocution are very small as the battery is isolated from contact with people. In the event of an accident, the car is programmed to ensure all high-voltage systems are locked off and safe, though it still may become damaged – you should avoid inspecting the battery yourself and instead get a professional. If you’re on subscription with us, head to our emergency guide for information on what to do next.

Can I drive in heavy rain or when there is flooding?

Electric cars are safe to drive in the rain, in car washes and anywhere else that involves contact with water. As for flooding, it poses as much risk to electric cars as to normal car, so drivers should exercise caution (i.e. better safe than sorry) when choosing to drive through deep water.

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