Starting your subscription


Next Steps

Thanks for your booking request! We hope to have you up and running in no time. Here’s what happens next:


Getting your vehicle

  1. Approval: We’ll check the details of your application (incl. driving license, driving history, credit check) within 1 working day.
  2. Payment taken: If you pass our checks, we’ll instruct our payment partner to accept the ‘initial payment’ which was reserved in your account when you made the booking. If we can’t accept your booking, you will receive an email notification and your initial payment will be returned as per our Payments Policy.
  3. Delivery date confirmed: Once you’ve passed our checks, we’ll email you to the confirm the delivery date and AM or PM window. Once you confirm, we’ll book the delivery with our logistics partner.
  4. Set up Direct Debit: You’ll need to set up a direct debit from your dashboard for your future monthly payments starting from month 2.
  5. Sign our Hire Contract: We’ll then send you our hire contract via DocuSign. You can sign this online without the hassle of printing and posting!

Setting up any optional extras

You may have chosen to include additional services in your subscription. To get set up, there may be some extra steps you need to take…

Public charging

If you chose to include our public charging membership in your subscription, there’s nothing you need to do.

Your membership card will be delivered with the car or we’ll pop it in the post to you before the car is delivered!

Home charge point

If you chose to include an Ohme home charge point in your subscription, here’s what will happen next:

  1. We’ll send your details to our partner to start the process.
  2. Our partner will then email you to request information for the install (the sooner you return the information to them, the sooner they’ll be able to install your charge point).
  3. Once the survey is complete, our partner will schedule and carry out an installation.
  4. The installer will activate your charge point so you can start charging straight away.
  5. All the billing will be done through us so you won’t need to pay our partner anything.

We aim to install the charge point as close to your vehicle delivery date as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always feasible. But don’t worry, you can charge using a normal 3-pin plug in the meantime!

A bit more about the installation…

Our one-off fee of £125 covers a standard installation of your new Ohme charge point.

What’s covered in a standard installation?

  • Installation of the unit onto a brick or plaster wall, or to another suitable permanent structure.
  • Up to 15 metres (50 feet) of cable, run and neatly clipped to the wall between the electricity supply meter / distribution board and the charging unit.
  • Routing of the cable through a drilled hole in a wall up to 500mm (20 inches) thick, if required.

If you don’t meet the criteria for a standard installation, we can still install the unit, but extra charges may apply. We will keep you in the loop about any additional charges and we’ll only go ahead if you give the green light.


Here’s what to expect on the big day…


On the day of the delivery, you’ll receive a link to track your delivery in real-time. You’ll also receive updates from the delivery driver.


When the driver has arrived, they will inspect the car for any damage and ask you to sign the inspection report. (When you hand back the car, a similar inspection will take place to assess for any damage that falls ouside of Fair Wear & Tear).


Please have your driving licence or other ID to hand so the driver can confirm they are giving the car to the correct person.

The driver will show you around the car, explaining its key features and how it works. Once you’ve got the key, you’re all set to start driving.

Any Questions?

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