Payments Policy

When you make a booking through our website, we follow a specific payments process which we would like to make all customers aware of.

Making a booking

When you confirm the subscription you have selected, you will need to enter your payment details on a page hosted by our payment provider, Stripe. This payment covers your first month upfront as well as any delivery and admin fees.

Once you’ve submitted these details, your booking application will be created for our team to check (your driving licence, DVLA record, identity and credit score).

While we carry out these checks, Stripe will reserve the funds in your bank account and the proposed payment will appear under ‘Pending transactions‘.

If your booking is approved

If you pass our checks, it is only then that we will instruct Stripe to send us the payment and only then that it will leave your bank account.

We do this to avoid taking your money if we are then unable to accept the payment.

If your booking is not approved

In cases where we reject a booking, our system instructs Stripe to ‘unreserve’ the funds in your bank account by ‘reversal’.

At this point, the ‘pending transaction’ will disappear. There will be no trace of the payment being accepted or refunded on the bank statement, but the funds will appear in your account again.

This ‘reversal’ of the funds into your bank account can take place immediately, but in some cases can take up to 7-10 days (depending on how fast our payment provider/your bank processes it). You may be able to contact your bank to have this actioned sooner.

During your subscription

Once your subscription has started i.e. the car has been delivered to you, you’ll make all future payments to cover month 2 onwards via Direct Debit. (We’ll show you how to set this up from your online dashboard – takes 2 minutes – before the car is delivered.)

This means you’ll be notified each by month (by GoCardless – our Direct Debit payment provider) when the money due to be taken from your bank account automatically.

If you change bank account, please let the team know as soon as possible to avoid your payment failing.

Defaulting on a payment

If you miss a scheduled payment, this is usually because there was not enough money in your account when the Direct Debit was scheduled. We will notify you and request that you top up the funds so that we can re-schedule the payment.

If this happens more than once, or if we are unable to recover the amount outstanding from you, we reserve the right to remove your permission to drive the car and to repossess it from you.

In this case, you will still be liable for any payments outstanding as well as repossession costs and any damages (in line with Fair Wear and Tear) which we discover after collecting the vehicle.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about our payments process, please get in touch with our team.

When can you expect a response

We’ll come back to you as quickly as we can – and definitely within one working day.

When are we available

We’re here for you 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays).