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Introductory offer

Use promo code PROMO55 at checkout for £55 off your first month!


Unlock the benefits of an electric car subscription. 

  • Get £55 off the first month of your subscription with discount code PROMO55
  • Book online today, get verified in 24 hours, and receive your electric car after four working days (subject to availability)

Your electric car. For as long as you want it.

  • No deposit to pay
  • Flexible contract lengths – elmoFlex: 60 days, elmoSave: 12 months
  • Insurance, maintenance, breakdown included

How do I redeem? 

  • Sign up to elmo
  • Choose your EV and then follow the steps to customise your subscription
  • On step 4 of this process, click on “I have a promo code” and then enter your code.

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