Earn through our Referral Scheme

Let’s help more people go electric!

We want to help as many people as possible switch to an electric car in the next few years. We think our flexible subscription model is a great way to get people into their first electric car.

But to spread the word, we’re going to need your help.

And we’re prepared to reward you for it…

How the elmo Referral Scheme Works

It’s simple – every time you refer a friend to elmo, we’ll give you £50 and your friend will get £50 off their booking too.

The question is – can you drive for free?

Who can take part?

We want everyone to be able to play their part in championing the switch to electric cars.

  • Existing customers. You should have already received your referral code which is ready to go!
  • Anyone else. We’d love for you to help – sign up to the website and get in touch through the chat (in the bottom right below) and we’ll give you your unique code!

How to convince your friends

It can be hard to strike the right tone when suggesting that they switch to an electric car.

We hope that our subscription offering with no deposit and only 1-month commitment will help you get them to at least dip their toe.

Our copywriters have also drafted a message for you to try:

Hiya! I thought you might be interested in this as a way to try an electric car. I’ve been driving a [Make Model] through elmo and love it. elmo’s a bit like a lease, except I didn’t have to pay a deposit, I can hand it back any time and all the insurance, maintenance, breakdown etc is covered in the monthly price. I can even give you a £50 discount if you use my code: {add your code}. Here’s the website: https://elmodrive.com/ Let me know what you think!


How will I be paid £50? For existing subscribers, we’ll knock £50 off your next invoice. For anyone else, we’ll add credit to your account for when you do decide to drive with us.

Is there maximum number of friends I can refer? Not at the moment! Keep the referrals coming and we’ll keep rewarding. We’d love to see our customers driving for free through their referrals.

Where does my friend enter the code? At the end of the checkout process in the box provided.

Got more questions?

We’re happy to help! Just drop us a line on 0330 165 4945 or hello@elmodrive.com