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elmo x Tusker EV Offer


Tusker x elmo

£95 off your EV subscription booking

We’ve teamed up with Tusker, to offer an exclusive £95 discount on EV subscriptions for Tusker customers waiting for their new electric car.

Just use the link below and enter the code TUSKER95 at the end of the booking process to enjoy £95 off your initial payment.

What is elmo?

At elmo, we’re on a mission to make electric cars accessible to everyone.

We believe you should be able to drive an electric car with total flexibility, in case the car doesn’t fit your lifestyle; or things change and you no longer need a car.

You can then hand it back with 30 days’ notice after your first month or keep it for as long as you like.

The subscription price is all-inclusive

This means the following included in your monthly payment…

  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Servicing & maintenance
  • Breakdown cover
  • Vehicle Excise Duty
Peugeot e-2008 GT Premium
  Peugeot e-2008 GT Premium

* Compared against leading lease deals at 10,000 miles a year.
** Split monthly over 36 months.
*** Lease vs elmo comparison guideline only. May vary depending on model.

And don’t forget to use code TUSKER95 at the end of the booking process to enjoy £95 off

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