Fair Wear & Tear and Vehicle Return


Our Wear and Tear Policy

It’s simple. We won’t charge you for reasonable wear and tear as defined in the BVRLA’s Fair Wear & Tear Standards.

When we deliver and collect the car to/from you, we carry out an inspection which includes a video recording of the condition of the car. At the end of your subscription, we’ll compare these two condition reports and assess any damage against BVRLA guidelines.

When you receive the car

  1. Inspect the car in good light
  2. Communicate any damage to us by sending photos/videos to hello@elmodrive.com
  3. If you are unhappy with the condition of the vehicle, let us know and we will arrange a repair and/or for a replacement vehicle

While you have the car

If you wish to organise any repairs to vehicle damage yourself, please contact us on hello@elmodrive.com so we can approve the repair.

Poor repairs (e.g. shape distortion, colour mismatch) could result in our having to charge you for the repairs to be re-done.

    At the end of your subscription

    Here’s what to do before returning the car:

    1. Ensure all charging cables are in the boot
    2. Thoroughly clean and valet the car
    3. Ensure that you have returned any items you may have removed to their correct positions (e.g. parcel shelf)
    4. Ensure your elmoCharge card is left inside the glovebox (if used, we’ll deactivate it once your subscription with us ends)

    Any Questions?

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    Email us at hello@elmodrive.com

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