Fair Wear & Tear and Vehicle Return


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  • Glass Damage
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  • General Poor Repair
  • Vehicle Collection Procedure
  • Vehicle Return Procedure

Poor Repair:

If you wish to carry out repairs to vehicle damage, please contact us on hello@elmodrive.com so we can get approval from the vehicle owner.

Poor repairs (e.g. shape distortion, colour mismatch) could result in further charges.

What to do when you receive your car

  1. Inspect the car in good light
  2. Communicate any damage to us by sending photos/videos to hello@elmodrive.com
  3. If you are unhappy with the condition of the vehicle, let us know and we will arrange a repair and/or for a replacement vehicle

What to do at the end of your subscription

According to the terms of your subscription, the vehicle should be returned clean, undamaged and at the same charge level as you received it.

Here’s what to do before returning the car:

  1. Inspect the car when it’s clean, dry and in good light 2 weeks before your subscription is due to end. This will give you time to sort out any damage yourself
  2. Check the lamps, lenses, windows/mirrors and bodywork for damage
  3. Check the interior for tears, burns, stains and smells
  4. Check the audio equipment and accessories are working
  5. Thoroughly clean and valet the interior

If you have any questions, please contact us on hello@elmodrive.com